Sunday, December 05, 2004

Tampa Bay Fish (On The Water)

On the Water by 6:30pm and the night air was crisp and cold. We fished for whatever was biting and it seemed nothing was so our night wasn't that good BUT. We had heard throughout the week that the kings are running about 50 yards off the beach and the barracuda were there also. So it looks like the best bet for fishing is in the shallows of the creeks on the north of Tampa Bay or off the beaches all along the Tampa/St.Pete area.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tampa Bay Fish (On The Water) We were on the water by about 7:00pm it was nice and chilly for a Florida night. We took two kayaks with trolling motors and went to the mouth of Double Branch Creek. The Snook were running along the edges hitting bait and when we shined our spotlight the Ballyhoo were jumping almost in the kayak. We caught two snook keeper size one just over 30" the other just under 28". A great night of fishing and another good trip into the mangroves.....Tight Lines!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Salwater Fishing Tip #2

Hooks and Lures, are typically not made with Stainless Steel hooks unless they are specified as saltwater lures. To increase your hooking power and success in saltwater you should remove all of your old hooks from your freshwater lures and replace them with stronger stainless steel hooks. Not only does this increase the life of your lure but also helps in making sure you land that monster fish when your equipment matters the most. Don't let rusty or saltwater-weakened hooks be the reason for losing that trophy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Saltwater Fishing Tip #1

The worst thing about Saltwater Fishing is Saltwater. Make sure after every use that you rinse your reels and oil them at least once a month. Doing this will increase your reel life and ensure longer smoother casts.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Late October Fishing

It's Cooling off and the fishing is getting HOT. Heres the latest on what I've seen and heard. Lower Tampa Bay: The Grouper and Kings have moved into Shallower water. Grouper are being caught in and around the shipping channel near Egmont Key. Schools of reds are running in and around the bridge areas.
Upper Tampa Bay: Snook and Redfish are moving around the mouths of the upper bay channels and creeks. Double Branch Creek is hot early morning so is Cabbagehead channel and Rocky Point Creek. Snook have also been seen in the early evening hitting the surface baits along most creeks. A good night bet is a freelined shrimp near the docks with lights on them all throughout the upper channels and housing areas near rocky point. Mangroves edges on the start of outgoing tides are your best bet with pin fish and shrimp your best bait, also a well placed D.O.A. will do the trick.

Tampa Bay Fisherman

Fishing In Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Fishing Is Great Year Round and Of Course being in Florida "The Fishing Capital of the World" Helps. This Blog will be a location for Fishing Reports and a source of local information for the Tampa Bay Area. I am not a professional Fisherman and by no means am I claiming to know it all but I fish and I am not afraid to tell people where I've heard their biting or where I've caught them myself. So if you know of places and feel that you can share those places with others that may want to know then feel free to post your information here.
I do run a Web site dedicated to Fishing in the Tampa Area and it is always in the process of being updated and changed. Currently I have many people hitting it and asking for insider Information on where, when and how to catch fish. I offer them what I know BUT the hard questions to answer are "WHO DO I GO OUT WITH?" What they mean are Who are the good guides and WHO can put me on the fish. Currently I have been doing the research myself and finding guides/charters by calling around and talking to the captains or by visiting the docks and seeing WHO comes in with the catches. If your a guide and want some more business please contact me and I will send people that ask for references Your way. Thanks and tight lines