Friday, February 25, 2005


We thought the weather would already be here but it isn't and we took a chance on the clearing skies and went to the mouth of Double Branch for some outgoing tide snook fishing. On the water by about 7:00pm. Alomst immediately my buddy hooked and landed a 32" Keeper this Snook was revived by the strong current and even broke the Broken-Back Bomber (White-Red) in half. (straightened the eyelet) But after about a 15 minute fight he was in the kayak. About 10 minutes after that my buddy hooked a Trout that almost scared us. Using a Broken-Back Bomber-A (White-Red) landed a 25" Trout. This was probably the biggest trout I had seen, other then on TV. Well I didn't do so well I hooked a 24" Snook and released him and a couple of Lady Fish. SO with the Snook and Trout out of the way my buddy threw on a Shrimp and freelinded it near a large oyster bed and whaddya know he hooked the Redfish he needed to complete his INSHORE SLAM. Snook, Trout and Redfish all at the mouth of Double Branch. The fishing is good and as soon as this weather moves out it should really be turned on. The pictures of these fish will be located on the Main Sight

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Double Branch SNOOK Fishing Report

On the Water by about 7:40pm. The clouds worried us a little but the close-to-full moon made us get out there. The tide was almost slack and the swirls on the top of the water were different then the normal mullet jumping here and there. I was using a 52M Mirro-Lure (white-red) and my buddy was using a Yozuri (white-red). The first hit came on our second pass near the mangroves and my buddy landed about a 24-25" Pup-Snook. Immediately after I landed a Large Ladyfish, Then another. At least the fish were biting. Then it was my turn and I landed a 24-25" pup-snook (picture in the snook area) of the main sight We noticed the clouds had moved out and as soon as they did the Bite was on we both caught a few more Ladyfish and hooked up with two other fish that looked to be snook. All fish were released since they were close and we Know there are larger keepers in this spot. All in all the night was great and the water looks warm enough for the fish to be active and feeding. Tomorrow night is the FULL moon and if the clouds and weather stay away it should be some good SNOOK fishing for about the next 3-4 days.

Tightlines ---

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Double Branch Fishing report

On the Water by about 7:15am Took the kayak to the mouth of Double Branch looking for trout bought a dozen Slect Shrimp from Denny B's. At the mouth the Outgoing current was strong and it looked like it would be a Great Trout day. Hooked up with one trout never landed looked to be about 12" or smaller. There were a lot of other kayaks and Canoes out and about and the fishing looked good watched one kayak pull in a keeper trout and watched a canoe pull in about 3 redfish (small). On the way out stopped and talked with another Canoe Fisherman and he caught and landed 2 nice reds in about ten minutes free lining Shrimp in a deep hole just inside the mouth on incoming current. A picture is in the Pictures area Listed under 30+ Red. The two reds he caught were easily keepers and the second fish was about 15lbs or more and looked to be 30+ inches. Looked like there was some bait moving in the shallows right at the mouth but not much else happening.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tampa Fishing Report

On the water by 5:30pm we took two kayaks to the flats near Ft Desoto just prior to the Draw Bridge on the left.

The bite out here was fantastic the Trout and ladyfish seemed to hit anything that hit the water. we caught 4 trout each all keeper size but we released them, one was over 20". Lime Green Jigheads 1/4oz with white Swimming minnow Bodies and Small Gold plastic twist tails seemed to be the trigger. we fished until approximately 7:00pm and had bites until we left. Also the Pinfish seemed very plentiful here I caught 4 of them on a gold spoon. A Shrimp tipped Sabiki should fill a bait well here.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing Report

TROUT, TROUT and more TROUT, that seems to be the consensus as to what IS biting. Here is the best bet. Take about 2 dozen select Shrimp and head to the mouth of any of the upper Tampa bay Creeks put one split shot on the line about 18" from the hook and slap on the shrimp. Throw it out and wait a few minutes. For better luck take a bag of Uncooked Shrimp put in blender for a about 30 seconds then when you find a spot near the mouth on OUTGOING tide go into the mouth of the creek UPCURRENT and spread this concoction around about a 30' area and then move DOWNCURRENT from the chum slick and throw out your line this will bring the fish in in a hurry and your sure to find a fish or two...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tampabayfish fishing report

On the water by about 7:45pm took two Kayaks to the mouth of Double Branch creek trolled the mouth for about an hour with no luck. Saw plenty of finger mullet and it seemed like the bite should have been on but perhaps the water is still a little too cold and the bite is still off. Looking forward to our fishing trip out of Hubbards Marina ( )on the 25th of Feb. Will post all info and pictures when we return.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

TampaBayFish (On The water)

On the water by 7:30 am caught a few small pin fish near the mangroves for bait. Not a lot of bait around. Attempted a few casts using Chartreuse Jigheads with white minnow bodies near the mouth of Channel A and also near Courtney Campbell Causeway Bridge. Did not see any bait fish or other fish for that matter other then dolphins. It was not a very good day for fishing. The tide was outgoing and it seemed like the location was not that good either. We didn't see any other boats catching anything either. Moved to the Fish haven location south of the Howard Franklin Bridge and it seemed that the Bouy that marked the area has been removed or broke free and is gone. no luck there either. We had reports from some other locals that trout had been biting early on top water and live shrimp at the creek mouths but did not see any action. The Cold Water may have been a contributing factor.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Fishing In Tampa bay

Well it looks like the Snook Season is open again and as far as I've heard there aren't as many good bites happening and the fish seem to be very picky as to what their biting. The Cold weather has kept some of them out of the area but the creek mouths are still your best bet on warm days. On the Colder days you should slow your presentation down or move to a live bait and chum to produce the best. Otherwise the Trout bite is on near most of the flats and redfish have been tailing near desoto in the mangroves. Sheepshead are really coming on near most of the major bridge pilings...remember to scrape some of the green clams off the bridge pilings for chum and use small bits of shrimp on a STRONG hook.