Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The wind died down and the water was smooth as glass, we launched from our trusty Double Branch Spot and were headed for the mouth. Along the way we noticed a few "fishy" looking spots and so we thought with the smooth water we should try some top water "gold Zara Spook" We had just launched and weren't in the water 5 minutes and on the VERY FIRST CAST my buddy twitched the spook 3 times and the explosion caught us off guard. almost immediately we had a 30 incher in the boat. What start! We headed for the mouth stopping at a few nice looking spots had a few hits but no hook ups. Once at the mouth we had a strong outgoing and all along the Mangroves the Fish were popping under the edges. We floated some topwaters buy and had a few hookups and some aerial action but nothing to keep. We fished until around 8:30 and headed back. (Next Trip Friday Morning)
We can't wait for the time change this weekend. More Light after work and more top water action.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

5.2lb Mangrove Snapper

5.2 Pound Mangrove Snapper (won $216) for largest Snapper on our last Hubbard's Marina Offshore trip March 12th Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tampa Bridges Fishing Report

On the water around 10:00am Saturday Morning. With the weather clearing slightly we figured the fishing would be good. We studied the local fishing reports from other local web sites and figured we'd try the Spanish Mack fishing near Gandy Bridge. Our first stop though would be Howard Franklin Bridge to test the waters.
We dropped anchor and threw out a couple of Gotcha's and after about thirty minutes of jigging we landed 4 catfish. That was enough of that so we headed to Gandy Bridge and started fishing both sides of the 20' drop offs. There were two other boats on the water and they didn't seem to be catching anything. We ended up landing a few large lady fish but no Spanish Macks. The water temperature has increased and the fishing seems to be turning on. Another week or two and we should see some fantastic fishing.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Double Branch Creek, Snook and Reds that seems to be what is biting. We got on the water by dusk around 6ish. we headed straight for the mouth to start early while there was a little light. We were hoping for a Full moon night with some great Snook Action but the Clouds would'nt cooperate. AS it popped in and out of the clouds we seemed to get our hook ups. It wasn't a hot night but as the moon popped out on abotu our fourth trolling pass. We both hooked up with some flying snook. Mine shook the hook on about the 3rd jump and my buddy ended up landing a keeper 30" after another hour of fishing all we had to show was the 30", a ton of hits, a Jack Creval and a Sting Ray. The weather coming around and the water temp is getting better.

About 3 more weeks and the fishing will be fantastic


Monday, March 21, 2005

Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay

On the water by about 6:00am. We left out of Channel A and headed for the Courtney Campbell to try out the fishing it was a very chilly morning and with all of the rain from the past week we weren't sure if anything would be biting. It was a super low tide and the water was so clear my white jigs, at the bridge, were visible all the way to the bottom we started at the Courtney Campbell and then moved to a fish obstructions just to the south of CCC with no luck, we then moved to a fish obstruction just north of Gandy with no luck we then thought we might try some sheepshead near the bridge footings around Gandy. No Luck there either. There were hardly any other boats out and about and we never saw a fish hooked. The water and air temp was still a little low, in another week or two things should pick up. We did catch a Large Puffer fish and a sting ray. woowee! Your best bet is to stick to the mouths of the channels with live shrimp and a gold jig until we get a few "Chamber of Commerce" Days under our belt.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

DEEP SEA FISHING (Hubbard's Marina)

Hubbards Marina 34 hour fishing trip. We had been watching the weather and it seemed like it would be fine for the trip. We left out of the marina around 7:00pm and the waves were large around 4-6ft. the boat was really moving and out of the 50 some people about half seemed to feel the effects of the waves that increased to 6-8ft. We traveled all night and ended up at our first fishing stop and dropped lines. The waves continued throughout the day and the fishing seemed to be fairly good. On our fist stop we hooked up with about 7 mangroves and a slew of undersized black and red groupers. We also seemed to hit the (OUT OF SEASON) Red Snappers that were a shame to throw back but, a few quick photos and we let'em go. The trip continued as did the waves and the fishing was so so. We ended up catching between the 4 of us 3 keeper black grouper, 2 amberjack, and about 15 mangrove snappers. there were plenty of large Black grouper caught and a 25lb Black Tuna. We were lucky and caught a 5.2lb keeper snapper and won 215$ jackpot for the fish. The pictures will be posted on the sight shortly and another trip is planned for the 29th of April. If you ever have the chance and want to have a great fishing experience The Captains at Hubbards Marina can find the fish and put you on them. For Our Trip Captain Matt fought the rough seas and put us on the fish even though it was a slow fishing day. Thanks a million to him and his crew.