Monday, September 19, 2005

Testing the Waters

We ended up on the water by about 1:00pm it was a hot day but we were just going out and seeing what was biting. We ended up initially at the Gandy / 275 Artificial Reef and drifted back and forth across the reef with live shrimp looking for some snapper off the bottom. We ended up with only one snapper and about 4 Large Lizard fish. Nothing to write home about. We then moved under Gandy and hooked a few large fish that got away and a small black sea bass. The fish seem to be out and about and with the water cooling and the red tide NOT in the bay the fishing seems fairly good. Check your tides and try your luck. Moving around or drift fishing seems to be the best producer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dunedin Causeway Fishing (Mangrove Snappers?)

We were on the water by about 6:15pm took both Kayaks across the small bay to the Caladesi Ferry Docks and targeted Redfish with Live Shrimp and Silver/Gold Spoons. Had a Few hits and landed a Ladyfish or two but as the Sun set we started noticing a lot of topwater activity so we switched tactics and threw some topwaters lures at the fish breaking the surface. To our surprise we ended up landing some nice 13-14" Snappers. On topwater of all things. We released the few we landed and headed out for the night. Looks like the Moon is gaining and in the next few nights we will try our old haunt near Double Branch.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Snook Fishing Opening Day

We headed out to Dunedin Causeway and fished the entire area from hurricane pass up into the ferry bay for Caladesi Island. Back int he calm water of the bay the grass beds looked real healthy and we spooked up some very large Redfish that swooped at our Topwaters but missed. We were targeting Snook and for the opening day we thought we had a vary fishy area. A few Redfish bites and that was about it. we are heading back out this week sometime possibly tonight to try our double branch haunt and see what we can spook up there.