Friday, July 21, 2006


What? Scalloping? Yeah thats what I thought too...But it turned out to be one of the fun things of the summer to do that the whole family can do. The one skill needed is the ability to snorkle and a boat to get to the scallops. We went out the Homosassa River from Riverview Marina of Halls River Rd. $10.00 boat launch fee. They pointed us towards Marker #4 and then south 1.5 miles. We got out there and there was no boat at all on the water. A few we could tell were headed out to do what we were doing but they seemed to know as much as we did.
After a Few stops and hanging over the edge of the boat looking in the water at the grass beds we finally thought, What the hell just jump in and look around. I heard a noise over head as I was snorkling around and I looked up to see three Ultra-Light planes land and throw out their dive flags. We we must have been in the right spot because after that it seemed like the scallops were all over the bottom hanging out on the edges of the grass beds.
We picked up about 5 gallons and decided to head out. This was truly a fun time and even though we had beginners and 7 people on board we sure did have a great time. Remember 10 gallons per boat or 2.5 gallons per person whichever is LESS and make sure you have a regulation Dive Flag. Also DRIVE SLOW Snorklers are everywhere by the time we left there were close to 150 boats all around us in every direction. Just head out that way you'll see the boats and then you can't miss the scallops.