Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Redfish Tailing

Wow, what a morning, if we could have had the rain stop before 6 it would have been perfect. But when we did get on the water even at 8:00am the redfish were schooled up and hitting everything that we threw at them. Top waters seemed most effective jumping finger mullet to be exact even some of the mirr-o-lure floaters worked great. Near Ft. Desoto Early morning, This time of year is a great site to see about 200 or more redfish tailing in the grass flats. Bad thing (depending on how you look at it) we had to throw back all of the reds we caught because they were TOO BIG....oh well. Trying Over near Dunedin in the near future and will post. (and will bring my camera this next time). bad to catch monsters and not have the pics.....sounds like a (RED)fish tail to me.