Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bay Fishing

On the water by about 10:30 a late start but really just a lazy fishing day. We headed south outta gandy ramp and were going to try our luck at a spot we found just off St. Pete Pier. Once there we found no fish at all we tried looking for structure ont he bottom and event then found not fish. SO we headed east and anchored just off the shipping channel on the edge of about 40ft water. We immediately started catching one after another Sand Perch (Squirrel Fish) Excellent Grouper Bait, and they taste good but a little too much to clean for such a small fish. The ones we caught were all in about the 10-12in range. After about 20 or so of these we decided that we would head back in since a front was moving in and the water started to really roll. Hopefully we will have better luck in the next few weeks.