Monday, April 30, 2007

Redfish In the Morning

Tampa Fishing Report,

Hit the water by 6:45am. Took the kayaks just north of Ft. Desoto Boat ramp and East of Shell Key and we were in the schools of reds all morning until about 11:30am. We hit a few under slot and decided to keep one that hit 19 1/2" Gulp Shrimp, Small red white Jigs and some top waters seemed to do the trick. Judging by the number of Kayaks out and about that morning I don't think that we were the only one that knew they were biting.

Redfish and Shrimping

Tampa Fishing Report,
Hit the water last Wednesday night at about 7:30pm we were going out to get some shrimp but thought we would try out the fishing before it got dark. We started fishing just north of Ft. Desoto Boat Ramp. We fished top water and had quite a few hits from smaller reds and even caught on that was right at limit of 18" we were getting bit regularly so we released him and went for something bigger. We didn't catch any within the slot by dark so we switched over to Catching Shrimp. A strong Headlamp, Good Walking shoes, A small hole Net and a container to keep the shrimp in is all you need. Oh and water about knee to thigh high. Then start scooping em up. We caught about 150 between the two of us and left for the night.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bay Fishing

On the water by about 7:00am and headed out of Gandy towards the St.Pete Pier area. We decided to tie on a few flashy spoons and troll down that way to see if we could hit a few Spanish macks along the way. BUT no luck. Once on our spots we hit the bottom with some live baits and found that we were getting hits almost immediately. We caught a few undersized mangrove Snappers and a Keeper Sheepshead. The Wave action was rough and we decided to move spots and see if we could find something with a little more action. One thing I've learned is "Never Leave Fish to Find Fish". Actually my buddy tells me that every time we are on the water. BUT since he wasn't there I didn't have that friendly advice. So we moved around and wouldn't you know it the fish weren't where we moved to. All in all not a bad day except for the wind and hopefully the water temperature will bump up a few more degrees and really turn the fish on. Water Temp 69.4

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Windy Fishing

Last weekend was crazy to be on the boat but we did it anyway. We hit the Dunedin Causeway area and anchored so the wind wouldn't really affect our fishing that much. The Fish didn't mind the wind and we started getting hits right away. We ended up landing a Keeper Sheepshead, a Spotted Trout, a Black Sea Bass, and a couple Spanish Mackerel. Pin fish and Shrimp were our main bait and a flashy spoon worked great for the macks. Remember this weekend April 21st Red Snapper Season opens

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reds & Macks

Hit the flats on the south Side of Courtney Campbel Causeway with our Kayak Fishing Machines and targeted Reds. Just searching for more spots really and thought this looked ok to fish. What we ended up catching were Spanish mackerel on bright shiny spoons. nice clear water and the day turned out Ok catching the macks seemed to be all that was Biting.

Shrimping Near Desoto

Unusual yes but fun. What you need. A Nice Night and calm shallow bay with a little bit of eel grass. a couple of Small hole diameter nets and a "very bright" LED Red headlamp. walk the grass flats and look for the glowing eyes on the shrimp. slowly slide your net under them and wa la. Shrimp for Dinner. Last Friday Night we tried this the wind was really blowing and so it spoiled our night but we are going to do it again.