Monday, July 23, 2007

Scalloping in Steinhatchie

Spent Friday and Saturday on the water off Steinhatchie Scalloping. Last year was great so this year we rented a House and Had 12 people with us. We took two boats and had a TON of fun. The scallops are all in the same general area so if you find the boats you'll find the scallops. We headed out of the river and at the last marker turned straight North and made a run about 7 miles until we found the boats. Lots and Lots of boats. We limited out per boat 10 gallons each. in about 2 hours. Cleaning em was a different story but about an hour and a half later and we had more then we could eat thats for sure. We came out with between 12-14lbs of meat. Its a great time and like an easter egg hunt for adults. The season only lasts until Sept 10th so get to em while you can. and have fun. Watch for the manatees and Remora. They'll both follow you around.