Monday, November 23, 2009

Charity Fishing Tournament

When: Saturday – December 12th, 2009. 6:00am until 2:00pm
MUST SIGN IN BELOW. ALL TEAMS MUST PAY VIA CASH during morning check in @ 6:00am.
What: Artificial Lure Photo release format that will count total inches of 1 Redfish, 1 Snook and 1 Trout. $20 dollar per person buy in or $40 dollars per team.

Where: Cockroach Bay boat ramp Boat Ramp. Check-in will be from 6am til 7am. The tournament will end promptly at 2:00pm. You must be at the ramp by the 2:00pm deadline. Any boat showing up after 2:00pm is disqualified. Period! Weigh-In will be at the Cockroach Bay ramp.

1) This is a artificial lure tournament "NO LIVE BAIT!"
2) This is a 2 man per boat, team tournament. Kayaks will be allowed 1 person per kayak. 2 kayaks = 1 team. All teams must launch from the Cockroach Bay boat ramp boat ramp. You cannot tow/carry the yak by boat. Kayaks and Canoes are welcome!
***Team Kayaks must stay within 100yds of their team mate. ***
3) You will weigh in total inches of 1 Redfish, 1 Snook, & 1 Trout. Every boat must have one (1) digital camera with a corresponding USB cable on board. Cameras must be cleared with no photos on them. Each boat must have one (1) measuring devise on board. All measuring devices must be inspected by tournament officials. Each photo must have the entire fish, measuring board and tournament marker in the frame. No exceptions!
4) Wading is allowed.
5) Fly Fishing is allowed and encouraged.
6) Fish must be above the FWC minimum slot requirements, over max slot is ok. Any fish under slot will be DQ’d.
7) Each angler may only use one rod at a time. No soaking or trolling un-manned rods.
8) Since this is a photo release tournament, I encourage live release but if you’re going to take fish home for dinner, so be it. You will not be penalized.
9) You must check in at the Cockroach Bay boat ramp boat ramp between 6-7am. We'll visually inspect each boat, before launching "No cast nets, no live bait etc. shall be on any boat". Trailering is not allowed. All boats/kayaks will leave from Cockroach Bay boat ramp Boat Ramp. NO EXCEPTIONS!
10) No Chumming of any kind!

IF ANYONE HAS ANY GOODS, SERVICES OR GIFT CERTIFICATES THEY WOULD LIKE TO DONATE FOR THE TOURNEY, WE'LL HAVE A DRAWING AT THE END OF THE DAY. Please shoot me an email at If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, please email me.

***Entry Fee: $20.00 per person or $40.00 per team****ALL TEAMS MUST PAY VIA CASH AT CHECK IN AT 6AM ON TOURNAMENT DAY.
We will take entry fee and donation money at the boat ramp.
This is a 30% payback tournament Prize Structure:
Prize Structure: 70% of the total pot will benefit Hannah’s family. 30% will paid out for Top 3 teams:
1st. 15% of pot
2nd. 10% of pot
3rd. 5% of pot

*** Special: Most spots on a legal Redfish will win something TBD ***

The rules are set. If you can't abide by them, please do not fish this tourney. This is meant to be a fun gathering of like minded folks to assist a family in need first and foremost. Monetary reward is secondary.
Good Luck and let's have a good time.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Fishing in the Tampa Area

After a few outings in the kayaks I have to say fall is one of my favorite times to fish. The snook are very active knowing that the weather is changing and the water temps are moving all the fish around letting them know its time to eat. Look for the Redfish to be moving across the flats on high tide feeding near the mangroves, the Snook to be moving into the winter haunts in the upper creeks and areas where the water will warm during the day, and well the trout will be active all winter across a lot of the grass flat areas. The offshore should pick up also with some of the mangroves and grouper moving into the closer reefs. Remember to BUY AN EPIRB. Or at least ask Santa for one. It can save your life!!!