Thursday, February 25, 2010

REDFISH - IN abundance

It seems the Redfish are making an appearance. The warm weather got them feeding and it seems in Cockroach Bay they have been schooling and hitting anything thrown at them. Also around Ft. Desoto reports have been good of schools and biting redfish. This is great news and hopefully it continues. BUT with the cool front moving through we may see a slight slow down BUT hold onto your hats cause it seems with the Warm Weather on its way fishing could be Heating up....LOL literally. look for early morning reds and early evening reds to be some of your best bets Although with the water getting to it's max in the middle of the day the Bite even in the heat of the day should continue to be good for a while.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Warm Weather - Better Bite....Hopefully

Well with the expected warmer weekend there should be a little better bite. If nothing more than we hear more about it because MORE fisherman are out and about able to report it. The Trout are still very active in some of the main areas near Dunedin, Ft. Desoto and the bay and grassy flat areas. This is a good sign if your out and about trying to fish, if nothing else you should have a great day on the water. Best bet is still Live Shrimp free lined on a Cork OR a scented plastic like a DOA or a GULP twitched along the bottom.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FWC Announces Snook Season Closure

FWC Announced that the Spring Snook Season will not take place. This means that Snook Season will remain closed until 1 Sept 2010. Catch and Release only. On the other hand Trout seem to be the hardy fish in this cold weather, if you can get out there a good bet is a DOA or Live Shrimp under a popping cork. If you find fish and they are not eating move to another area and maybe your luck will be better. Leaving Fish to Find Fish is never a good idea but in the cold weather and shock to the ecosystem we have had it may be your best bet to catch fish.