Sunday, January 30, 2011

Early Trout Fishing

Decided to take the Kayaks out and see what was biting. We put in at the OldsmarPark area. where we had to Pay a $10 Parking fee, Couldn't believe it was that much since I don't pay that much to launch my boat. Anyway we got out on the flats just south of the blown up power plant and we caught a few small trout. Nothing much to mention and it was rather slow. This may be a good spot once the weather warms up a few more weeks. Spots were added to the Hot Spots Map

Tampa Area Fishing Piers - North Sunshine Skyway Pier

Site 2: The North Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier is located just to west of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge it is part of the remanents of the original span and is driveable and safe. One thing that is nice about this Pier is you can drive right up to your fishing spot and have your car right there with you. Just about any type of fish that can be caught in the gulf or in the bay can be caught here. They have Rental Gear here at their Bait & Tackle snack shop. At this time on both piers the EAST SIDE of the Piers are closed. This just makes fishing on a two lane Pier as opposed to four.

Map: google maps link

11101 34th Street South

St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tampa Area Fishing Piers - Clearwater Beach Fishing Pier (Pier 60)

I received a question regarding fishing rentals and where to fish in Tampa. For many of us it is easy to just know where to go we live it and are around it all year long but for many of our tourist friends who travel here and want to fish it can be a mystery as to where to start and how to go about doing it.  My next couple posts will be about Fishing Piers and Rental Locations. I probably won't cover all of them but will make a good attempt at giving some locations to get started.

(These are in no particular ranking order)

Site 1:  Clearwater Beach Pier, otherwise known as Pier 60. This is a popular place for sunset watching sightseeing, an occasional dolphin and manatee sighting and of course fishing. The pier is pretty long not sure of it's exact length but they have a Bait & Tackle, snack shop in the middle and shelter along the walkways at 1/3, 2/3 and on either end of the T at the end of the pier. It also has some great lighting around it and can be fantastic for night fishing especially in the warm summer months from June - early Sept. SNOOK can be found hauting the bait fish around the lights. March-April is Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel, and again Sept-Oct for the fall King/Mack runs. Other species that can be found here are Sheepshead, Sea-Trout, occasional Redfish and a potential Flounder among numerous baitfish.

Map: google maps link
1 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater, Fl. 33767

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW Feature for (FREE Editable Hotspot Map)

OK so it's a NEW Year and with a NEW year comes a NEW Feature. You've seen my hotspots Map, OR maybe you haven't either way this is a way for you to connect to the site and add your OWN Hotspots. Here is how it works. Google Maps provides the ability to UPDATE Maps with place markers, I have made custom icons for some of the local fish and will ADD more as time goes by. YOU being the fisherman you are send me an e-mail at and say "I want to be added to edit the HOTSPOTS MAP" in the subject line and I will add you to the map and you can begin editing and adding your favorite spots, OR just a spot that you caught something. The more we have adding the better the fishing log will be and the MORE chances other people will be able to catch fish.

      I've already populated it with some fishing spots and I ALSO added a BONUS, I've added OVER 100 Offshore Coordinates and Fishing Locations from my own personal List and some others that I have gotten permission to "DIVULGE". SO the Map is Live and NOW you can take credit for the spots that YOU catch Fish.
Once you've sent an E-mail you will be able to go to the GOOGLE MY Maps Feature and EDIT The Map. The only information that is needed By Google to Make it possible for you to EDIT the Map is to add your e-mail to the map as an EDITOR.      
     Remember Fishing is an excellent sport. It can provide meals, relaxation, networking opportunities, outdoor enjoyment, sight seeing, once in a lifetime experiences and just plain old FUN. But not everyone is an EXPERT Professional Fisherman and if you need a little help or a few local tips. TampaBayFish is the place to get it. 
      Some other sites are requesting that you pay $$ to be a member to add hotspots and they probably have a lot of knowledge and a lot of information that is very useful. HOWEVER many of us are just local guys that want to catch fish and know where to go, so paying MONTHLY to get this information just isn't worth it. LOCAL EVERYDAY FISHERMAN Know that is the source for Down-To-Earth Fishing Reports for the average guy.

EMAIL ME and I will ADD your E-mail to the list of people who can add fishing spots and start fishing.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold weather Report

With the water being pretty chilly the fish are slow but not scarce. Best bet is to go later in the day when the sun has had a chance to warm the water a little Soon warmer weather is on its way it won't be long until we have some great spring fishing action. In the meantime. Here are a few places that may produce. One is the beach areas along phillippe park in Safety Harbor, the water is shallow and the sandy bottom heats up rather quickly. If you hit the area before evening rolls around you may find some reds cruising along the mangroves when the tide is up.
          Near the Dunedin Causeway and the flats north towards Anclote are holding Trout but they seem to be in the 5-7ft range and are hitting slower moving jerked softbaits. Try this area when the sun is high in the sky so between 11-3pm is your best bet.
          Hopefully everyone has had enough winter and are ready to get back to some fishing weather. I will update my hotspots if I hear of anything good biting. The local paper is reporting large Sheepshead moving around in the Bay BUT I have never had much luck finding or catching them so for those of you that have the skills to do it that may be an option.
-- Tghtlines

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jason Prieto is Making a Special Offer

Every once in a while I run accross a good deal that one of the Charter Captains I have listed on my site has going on Here is one of those deals.

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Spring Fishing Almost Here!
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Book a 6 hr fishing trip for the price of a 4 hr. This means you get 2 more hours for free. This offer will be good until February 15th. As long as you book the trip before then you will get the discount. It does not matter when you run the trip! Take advantage of these big savings and get out on the prestine waters of Tampa Bay!