Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to USE the TampaBayFish BLOG to find out whats biting!

Ok so you may have read my blog, you may have thought whoop dee doo he told me he caught a trout or a redfish OR nothing at all.  The question your asking is why do I want to read about a fish that was caught yesterday or the day before? Well the reports I post have two main purposes and why you should look at them every once in a while.
Purpose #1. It tells me what is being caught right now during this season and what seems to be the bait that is triggering the bite.

Purpose #2. It tells a year long story about what was biting and during what month that type of fish was biting.

SO if you take a look at the Blog Archives for my site you will see that you can look through the posts over the year and see when I was catching what type of fish.

Making use of the information presented can help you target specific species of fish and give a general Idea of what might be biting TODAY based on what was BITING as posted in my BLOG.

Here is a TIP for today. Take a look back at the MARCH 2007 Blog Entry titled "Early Kings" and you will see that based on that one post WE should be ready to head out and find us som Kings on the 26th and 27th of March. SO good luck and remember the site is FREE to use as you wish and hopefully by using the information provided you will catch more fish.

Friday, February 11, 2011 provides good information for you everywhere

Another location that gives credit to for fishing information in the Tampa Bay Area. USAToday gives Travel Tips on locations and things to do there. In this Article they cite my Ft. Desoto page and the information about the Fishing piers located there.

I'm not saying that they support me BUT they do think that I am a good source for "the everyday Tampa Fisherman". I truly appreciate the vote of confidence in the information I provide and I am a regular user of the web site. I track everything I eat and I plan to utilize their recipe system to track fish recipes that promote our local Tampa Flare. If your interested in losing weight or just watching what you eat check out their "MY PLATE" feature and adjust your daily caloric intake to eat a little less and a little more healthy and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to lose a few lbs.

Link to LiveStrong Article with props given to

Hurricane Season will be here before you know it. Using some of these tips can help your boat weather the storm. I first published my Hurricane Information in 2004 when we had the last major bout of storms come through the Tampa Area. The good news is others are also using my information to support their Hurricane Tips. is cited as a source for hurricane information at
    So the next time your thinking about Hurricanes and Securing your boat remember you can use trusted sources and the internet to provide you with information, tie down how-tos and more. Do let a lotta wind and rain destory something you use to support your fishing habit.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Simple-Quick-Strong Fishing Knot. Fishing Knot How-To

I've used this knot for the past year and as long as it is tied tight and cinched down good it will hold just about any size fish. And it if QUICK to tie and leaves the bait free to move without the restriction of the line.

Step 1: Tie a Simple Line over knot like the first step of a Square Knot.
Step 2: Run the free end of that knot through the eylet of your Lure. The Back through the first knot.
Step 3: Cinch the knot down tight!
Step 4: Tie another simple Knot around the line with the free end.
Step 5: Cinch the knots down together, wetting with your mouth or water. CLIP the excess Free Line.

Hopefully this helps as it has increased the amount of time I am fishing as opposed to tying complicated knots.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tampa Area Fishing Piers - South Sunshine Skyway Pier

Site 2: The South Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier is located just to west of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on the South side of the Bridge. Take the first exit after crossing, which means you will have to pay a toll to get accross the Sunshine Skyway This pier is also part of the remanents of the original span and is driveable and safe. On this Pier also you can drive right up to your fishing spot and have your car right there with you. Just about any type of fish that can be caught in the gulf or in the bay can be caught here. They have Rental Gear here at their Bait & Tackle snack shop as well. This is also the longer of the two piers and at this time on both piers the EAST SIDE of the Piers are closed. This just makes fishing on a two lane Pier as opposed to four.

Map: google maps link
7900 US Highway 19 S, Palmetto, FL