Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Starting 1 February NEW Regulations for RED DRUM (REDFISH) and Spotted Sea Trout go into effect for Florida. In the Northern Regions People can KEEP 2 REDFISH per day in the Southern Regions we are still limited to 1 per day.  Spotted Sea Trout will no longer have a closed season. Starting 1 February Sea Trout will be open year round. The map shows which counties are in the north and south. And for more detailed Information make sure you go directly to the Florida Wildlife Commission Web Site.  To see specific information on these changes go to the Saltwater Fishing Regulations Handbook. To find out all of Florida Fishing's Regulations visit the myfwc.org website and get the real information.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Costa Rica Sail fishing

A friend of mine recently returned from a Costa Rica Sail Fishing Trip and sent me this picture. He has some great pictures including some of the ones here.

Fishing in Florida - What do I need - PART 1

Well here is the straight info on what you need to fish while your vacationing in Florida. A great source of information and the basis for my recommendations and information on the "legal" aspects of fishing in Florida can be found here. With the need for licenses here is a general guide. BUT please refer to the website to ensure things are up to date. As of January 2012.

If your fishing from a pier or a boat you will need a Saltwater License. If your fishing from the SHORELINE/BEACH you do not need a license as long as your a resident. IF you are vacationing a license is required and the beaches are patrolled. BUT the good news a three day license is only $17 and can be purchased at most bait shops and in just about every Walmart.

2. If you go out with a Charter or Guide they typically provide everything you need, they are knowledgeable about what is legal or not and can out you on the fish without you needing to know anything but where to show up.

3. If your fishing Freshwater you need a license no matter what. If you fishing an Inlet that goes from Freshwater to Saltwater. be careful you may think you don't need a license since it is saltwater BUT if your fishing for freshwater fish you may need a license. (This can be a judgement call by the FWC officer so be careful when your in this gray area of the law) OR just call and ask an FWC officer.

In the next post. Fishing in Florida - What Gear do I need - PART 2 I will discuss what you need if your planning on fishing from the beach or another area on your own without a guide and your wanting to bring your own rod, reel and bait. OR buy it when you get here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anonymoous Reports added to web site.

I received this Fishing Report from the website.

Boat basin South side of Gandy directly west of s. westshore blvd. Tampa
"Allot of small Pampano and trout. I fished with a #1 hook but the fish are all to small for it in this boat basin. With in seconds of my bait being in the water I had hits 95% of the time."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fishing Report from Web Site

I received this Fishing Report from the website and it has both Fresh water and Saltwater Report.
"Lake Tarpon Pinellas County Florida

Fresh Water Report:

Speckled Perch (Crappie) have really started to show up in numbers. Roadrunner style jigs in Yellow and Green are top producers for good size specs. Live minnows have also been a great bait. I prefer to use a slip bobber with Live minnow or grass shrimp so you can adjust your baits from 1ft to 15ft., also straight line down with Cane sticks is another productive way of using the spider technique. Trolling (slow) through deeper water will result in some nice fish. Mark each fish on your GPS or with a float buoy and work that area well.

Salt Water:

Snook, Redfish, and Big Trout are the hot topic in tampabay right now. Live Shrimp, Tiger Chubs, and Greenbacks are the top choice, but DOA Cal Jigs, Zara Spook, and Jerk Baits are productive as well if your a Lure fisherman. Look to Ft. Desoto, Wheedon Island, Coquina Key,and 4th Street Area for some great action.

Tight Lines and Screaming reels


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SALTWATER ADDICTION CHARTERS (New Charter Captain in Local Resources)

I wanted to invite everyone to see the new local charter captain on my Local Resources Page. Captain Craig Weaver is a full-time Tampa fishing charter guide and veteran angler bringing over 20-years experience. He has fished as an commercial and professional but the charter end of this business is by far his true passion. From seasoned anglers to the individuals who are new, but interested in learning the sport. He treats every fishing charter the same, giving his clients the experience needed to make their Tampa fishing charter one heart pounding fishing adventure to remember with some of the best inshore fishing in the State of Florida. All it takes is one Tampa Bay fishing charter and you will quickly see that Tampa Bay and our beautiful Gulf Coast has some of the best inshore and offshore fishing available.
Here are a few of the species that can get you hooked on Tampa fishing charters:
  • Tarpon (silver king)
  • Snook
  • Redfish
  • Trout
  • Cobia
  • Shark
  • Pompano
  • Mackerel
  • Scalloping

Captain Craig Weaver
Saltwater Addiction Charters
(813) 610-1672Email:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Anonymous Fishing Report Submitted

Thanks for submitting this next report. It was submitted through my website and it had no name attached. I truly appreciate and value ALL fishing reports. Many of us fish, and letting each other know where and what is biting is what this Web Site is about. thanks again for the submission.
SUBMITTED 1/8/2012, "Sunday was a great day for fishing. We started out at the power plant, in the warm water flats, while everyone else was fishing the deep water warm outflow catching a few small fish. It was low tide and the depth was about 2 feet with the water being flat as glass. I was able to see dozens of Bonnet Head sharks, so we started casting out to them. Within minutes we were both hooked up at the same time. Within about an hour we had each pulled in 6 sharks a piece. All were about 3 feet. They fight great for their size and fool you with their bursts of energy. We moved from their and went over to the west side of one of the spoil islands. There we landed dozens of slot size trout. All in all it was a fun productive day. We used live shrimp all day. With the sharks we let the bait sit on the bottom and for the trout we free lined them through the grass flats. "

thanks again, tight lines. http://www.tampabayfish.com/



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fishing report Submitted by Captain Randy Schoneman Barefoot Bandit Charters

Submitted by Capt. Randy Schoneman, 1/7/2012, "Went out today with my father for some reds as we usually do not keep any and he keeps hearing from his friends that he is telling stories. We did not have to go far as we went to a couple areas close to the house that I have not hit since getting my new boat. We landed six reds from 17" to 24" and kept our two for his friends dinner. They were in with mullet in 1.5' of water and hit on grannies,pin shrimp and a gold spoon. We had 4-5 get off with short bites where they only had half the bait. Great day with my father that will last a lifetime. Tight lines till next report "

Captain Randy Schoneman
Barefoot Bandit Charters


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fishing For Redfish Catching Snook

Well we hit the water at about 7:30 we thought it would be good since the cold front moved through a little over three days ago so the fish should be acclimatized to the temperature change and should be hungry. We started out and it was foggy and cloudy but the weather seemed to be holding. After a few casts I realized it was not typical fish weren't moving and hitting like the previous weekend. Then my buddy hooked into a nice fish. Check out the video here. BUT when we got it to the boat it was a SNOOK. SO after 3 more SNOOK we realized the Redfish had moved out and the SNOOK had moved in. We were only out for a little while but a few lady fish and 3 nice SNOOK (released of course) made for a good day of fishing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charter Fishing Captain Paul Hajash - FlyFishingFlorida.com

Capt. Paul Hajash of FlyFishingFlorida.com offers Fly, Artificial and LIVE BAIT Fishing the waters of TAMPA BAY, CLEARWATER, CLEARWATER BEACH and ST. PETERSBURG FL.Redfish, Snook and Spotted Sea Trout are the most common catches in the waters from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs. During your trip you will see a variety of wildlife such as Porpoise, Manatees, Sharks, Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, Blue Heron, Ibis and Ospreys. Clearwater is the home of Winter the Dolphin and Dolphin are seen on almost every trip.
Everything is included. From the beginner to the most experienced fishing instructions are included. All types of fishing are available from live bait, artificial jigs and flyfishing. He can fillet and bag your catch back at the dock or practice catch and release.

Click on Paul's link to contact him. or use the below information.
Fly Fishing Florida - Tampa Bay area/Clearwater/St. Pete
Capt. Paul
(727) 251-2623

Monday, January 09, 2012

Fishing Report submitted by Capt Rick Reddick

January 6, 2012 - Tampa Fishing Charters

You’ve got to love Florida winter fishing. I was fortunate enough to get a call from Phil about fishing in the Bradenton area. I live in Clearwater, but I have been fishing all over the bay area my whole life. So when Phil said he wanted to fish up the Manatee River I was very excited.

The plan was to pick up at Fort Hammer and fish with live shrimp. The morning was very cold so we had to make sure that Phil’s eight year old son, Thomas, was kept warm. We started working through different spots and eventually landed this slot red:

14” red fish came to the boat all day long and so did the pesky lady fish. We also caught small snook, keeper trout and undersized trout, and three nice sized sheephead. We had steady action all day and Thomas said it was his best fishing day ever.

As much as I enjoyed the day, I was little saddened that we did not get any large snook bites. I sure look forward to the day when they have recovered from the freeze of 2010. The water temperature was around 58 and all fish were taken on live shrimp. I can’t wait to get out there again.

Captain Rick Reddick
Tampa Fishing Charters |Tampa Fishing Guides
Tampa Fishing Charters | Tampa Fishing Guides

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fishing report Submitted by Captain Randy Schoneman Barefoot Bandit Charters

Submitted by Capt. Randy Schoneman 1/6/2012 , "Went out today with a couple of great people Kevin and his daughter Lindsey. We started out a little off shore looking for some trout waiting for the tide to allow us to get in the backwaters. We were not fortunate to get any thing to take our shrimp, gulps,mirror-lure or pinfish which had me starting to think it was going to be a tough day. We made our way in to my area with muddy bottom, oyster bars,and mangroves. As soon as we got to one of my favorite spots I saw wakes and a lot of activity so I'm excited and think BRING IT ON only to watch the reds swim around and no bites. One did come after Kevin's catch 2000 but turned without hitting. Long story short we saw our targets but was only able to boat a 19" sheepshead. Beautiful day on the water but only turned into a frustrating day. On way back in found the white bait that I could not get in the am so loaded up for next trip. Thanks again to Kevin and Lindsey for a good time even tho we did not terrorize the fish."
Captain Randy Schoneman
Barefoot Bandit Charters


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

BAREFOOT BANDIT CHARTERS, Inc. (New Charter Captain in Local Resources)

I wanted to let everyone know about a new Charter Captain listed on my Local Resources Page. Captain Randy Schoneman of BAREFOOT BANDIT CHARTERS has been fishing the waters along Pasco for the past 14 years. His new 2010 custom built hybrid tower boat, powered by a 225 Yamaha four stroke engine.
With a 9'4" beam, offers a safe, & spacious platform to relax and fight your catch.
With its shallow draft, & high free board it allows the best of both inshore/near shore fishing opportunities.He offers Fishing Charters, Scalloping trips, Island Adventures and Dolphin sight seeing trips. He wants you to experience why he loves our "backyard" and welcomes special requests for your personal experience. He looks forward to hearing from you and allowing him the opportunity to provide to you, your "SPECIAL DAY". Thanks Capt. Randy.

Captain Randy Schoneman
Barefoot Bandit Charters