Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fishing Report from Website

Joshua Taylor from "" sent this fishing report.
"The fishing has been epic in the Tampa Bay with the big linesider reds and snook cooperating on all levels of the tide. The best action has been on the flood tides around the new and full moon, fishing the Southshore with artificial, live and cut baits. Early am try live bait or top water, as the sun rises switch to cut bait. The water heats up in the middle of the day and the fish become lethargic. Look for deep cuts in the mangroves and try and find areas with minimal boat traffic. Lord knows that the fish are extremely pressured. We have been doing really well with the Zara puppy early. For my complete report please be sure to visit"

Thanks Joshua I know what your talking about the past two weekends have been great we have been hitting the flats in the kayak and finding many Reds and Lots of Snook wanting to be caught. Early in the morning has been key and we have been out before sunup and off the water before 10am.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Early Sunday on the kayaks

Hit the water before sunup, great calm water and some good early top water action. Just before the sun came up we had two nice fish. One 28 in Snook, and a nice keeper 26 in Redfish. Both on top water, the rest of the day want as eventful, a few small trout, and a jack creval.