Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Scalloping off BAYPORT

We headed out of Hernando Beach Boat Ramp, the plan was to take two Jetskis from there and one boat from Anclote Marina. We headed out and met up south of the Hernando Channel. Once we met up we started looking for grass flats to find the scallops. We ended up driving north until we were about 2 miles NW of the Bayport Channel tripod. Once there we found all the boats and nice grass flats. The early morning storms were a little threatening BUT it all worked out quite well. The water was about 8-9ft deep and the scallops were pretty plentiful. We were finding 3-4 each time we went down. by the end of the day we had 2 pints per ski and were ready to head back. No Jelly fish anywhere to be seen and enouhg grass flats that we could have stayed for a lot longer than we did. Looks like a good spot and not too far away.