Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fishing is Heating up

I've had some web hosting troubles but things have been corrected and it looks promising out on the water. Things have been reported to be heating up. My buddy was out the other morning and literally 5 minutes after putting his kayak in the water he was hooked up with a nice redfish. It seems they are sitting in the shallows and haunting some of the creek edges. I have also moved and live up near Pasco so my information may target some new areas. Look for new reports soon.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Scalloping off BAYPORT

We headed out of Hernando Beach Boat Ramp, the plan was to take two Jetskis from there and one boat from Anclote Marina. We headed out and met up south of the Hernando Channel. Once we met up we started looking for grass flats to find the scallops. We ended up driving north until we were about 2 miles NW of the Bayport Channel tripod. Once there we found all the boats and nice grass flats. The early morning storms were a little threatening BUT it all worked out quite well. The water was about 8-9ft deep and the scallops were pretty plentiful. We were finding 3-4 each time we went down. by the end of the day we had 2 pints per ski and were ready to head back. No Jelly fish anywhere to be seen and enouhg grass flats that we could have stayed for a lot longer than we did. Looks like a good spot and not too far away.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Key West Lobster - Lobster Fest 2013

We headed down to Lobster Fest in Key West for the opening weekend of Lobster Season. The first thing we did was search for where to "Snorkel for Lobster in Key West" we had very few hits and searched for any information on where to go. Someplace close to shore, someplace that may have lobster. We weren't expecting much since we were new to lobstering and weren't really sure if we would catch ANY at all. We rented a boat from Spencer's Boat yard and for a very reasonable price we have a boat that could hold 12 people even though we only had 7 it made it quite comfortable. The cool thing is we did find a few places to go right in the local area and not far away so we wouldn't burn much gas and would still have a chance to Snorkel and find Lobster. It was kinda rainy and cloudy but we had some sun which helped with the water clarity.
As you can see from the map that we only tried one area but we are sure there are many more locations and if you look at a GOOGLE MAPS satellite image and look at these locations you can see how the ledges look on the map and can possibly find many more.
I know this is a very simple post BUT If I would have had this info it may have helped US tremendously. The ledge is literally a square that was dredged and is now a ledge that looks very prominent. We saw many lobster holes as well as other fish, octopus and Barracuda, including Goliath Grouper and Lobsters. I believe this spot holds a lot of lobster but during the sportsman's mini season it is probably hit pretty hard.
Make sure you have your license, your dive flag, measuring device and a tickle stick. Good luck and I hope this helps. I posted this same post on my other blog.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fishing Clearwater

We had heard that there is good fishing on low tide near the Clearwater
Bridge. We decided to head out and test the waters. We got to the site
after maneuvering through the traffic to get there and parked at the
little parking area just on the west side of the bridge on the south
side of the road. It worked out to be a good spot to park and launch the
kayaks. It was a little muddy and we had to drag them a little farther
than normal but all in all a good place to launch. The first thing to
note is all the boat traffic that hits this channel. We headed straight
across and to the island area right across from where we launched. The
tide was low and we could see the drop off and the grass near the island
was exposed. But we were able to troll back and forth along the drop off
and cast some top waters and jigs going from deep to shallow.  Initially
I tried a few different style gulps and had a few nice strikes but
nothing aggressive enough to hook up. Then I noticed that there was
quite a bit of commotion on the top with schools of bait and fish
swimming through them feeding. I switched over to top water and that
seemed to do the trick. The fish started biting and after a few hook ups
my buddy landed a Trout, Redfish and Snook. The trout and redfish were
keeper size and the Snook, of course we let go.
        We will be heading back here in the near future and trying it
out again. It may be a little better to try this spot during the week
when there isn't as much boat traffic.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Redfish - Spring is Hot

Well Spring fishing seems to be really picking up. Here is Tim with a huge Red.
I havent been able to get out on the water much my Job has kept me on the road However I do know that the fishing has really been good so far this spring.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Florida Middle Grounds 27 July 2012

We hadn't been on the weekend trip out of Hubbards Marina in so long it was almost like we had forgotten how much fun it could be. We finally decided to get it together and make a trip. One of the things we needed was the inside cabins, It makes for a more comfortable trip and in the hot summer days it truly keeps you from passing out in the heat. The 39 Hour trip is just that a trip that truly puts you on the fish and makes you want more...But your hands are cut up your arms are wore out and your tackle has taken a beating so by the end you need to go home to recover. WE left the dock at 3:00pm on the big Friendly Fisherman and we head out. We tied leaders and rigs until about 9pm then woke up when the Captain said we are getting ready to line up on the first spot.
Tim's Gag Grouper
It was 1:12 am and hopefully that little sleep was enough to last until we stopped fishing at 7:30pm the next night. The good thing was we immediately started catching fish. Nice Mangrove Snappers and literally we never stopped catching fish EXCEPT in between anchor runs for Captain Mark to put us right back on another great spot. When he said Mangroves he was right, when he said Grouper he was right. The only thing better would have been to have a School of Mahi show up....
Then they did. The three of us Me, Tim and Steve had our two day limit of Snapper already and some other very nice Grouper, Bar Jacks and BIG Porgies. One of the best trips we've ever been on.
and this video taken by Mr. Bob Harbison really captured the essence of the Trip. I cannot do justice to his write-up but I have to Thank Bob for his great coverage of our entire trip.