Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trout Fishing South SkyWay

We hit the water by 0700 we took both of the Kayaks to the South SkyWay. We put in on an Extreme Low Tide but after we got in the water and a little bit of searching we found some fish. They were hitting on almost every Cast in 3-4ft of water. The bottom was sandy but a LINE of grass was about ten feet away, we would cast to the Grass Line and SLOWLY retrieve the Lures with a quick Twitch. IN about an hour we had caught and Released about 20 KEEPER size Trout Some running to 20". The Lure I was using was a Rapala X-Rap. (Red Head and Oil body) My buddy was using a Mirr-O-Lure (Not sure the Model) and then switched to soft plastic Gold swimmin minnows. A good Morning of fishing but the wind picked up and for safety we pulled out. The Cold water has forced us to Slow our retrieve WAY down, Keep this in mind that the fish are not as quick when the water is cooler and you'll increase your catch with a SLOW patient retrieve.