Friday, May 18, 2007

Gandy Tarpon

Tampa Fishing Report: On the water by about 5:45pm headed out of gandy ramp looking for bait we found the bait on a marker near the bridge and filled the livewell with about 30+ Threadfin. Got in place and Anchored under a light and started fishing with the Threadfin. Had a few strong hits nothing exciting and caught a few monster sail cats. Couldn't get a lady fish to hit until the sun hit the horizon then we couldn't get them to stop. We saw a few tarpon rolling and figured it would be on any minute. The Tide and New Moon were at prefect points. BUT we had no luck hooking up. we pulled anchor around 10:00pm and decided to call it since it was Thursday we still had to go to work in the morning.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apollo Beach Trout

Tampa Fishing Report, On the water by 7:00am we headed out of Apollo beach one of our good friends flats boat and he knew where to take us. South towards Cockroach bay and the grass flats that seemed to be alive once we got on them. Hooked up a couple Gulp Shrimp and started working the grass. Almost right away we hit some good trout and after a couple 15 and 16 inchers we really seemed to be in the middle of em. About 20 fish later and we called it a day. Trout seemed to be the primary fish that were out and about but a small Bonnet head 3 1/2 footer and a couple lady fish also made their presence known. Thursday Night is a Tarpon night and we should have some good pics. My other Buddy Fishing Gandy Bridge said the reds are hitting from the bridge and the Tarpon are rolling early morning in pods looking for schools of bait.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dunedin Causeway Fishing

Dunedin Causeway was a good spot this weekend for fishing although it seemed that some of the fish turned on only at certain times. One thing we noticed was that at around low tide during the evening hours the Trout seemed to bite better on live and fresh dead shrimp. During the morning hours the Spanish Macks still hit shiny Spoons and jigs and during the hotter times of the day the flounder seemed to be feeding on the bottom on bits of Shrimp. The weather has really heated up and so has the water and the feeding and fishing should be getting just as hot.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ft. Desoto Shrimp

Snook Season is over and they know it, hanging out by the shorelines, watching you, knowing you can't keep em. Teasing you. SO switch gears. Headed to Ft. Desoto to find some Shrimp. and Man did we find them. between 4 of us we caught 550+ large - jumbo Shrimp. This is one of the easiest things to do if you love Shrimp or just want to catch your own bait. A red Headlamp (makes the eyes glow better) a Small Diameter Hole Net, a Bucket (that floats w/lid), Good dive boots or wading shoes. and a nice calm shallow stretch of water. Look for the eyes glowing in the water then just scoop them up. The Snook are also hanging out too so if you just would rather fish keep your poles along and try it out but if the fish aren't biting. Scoop up some great shrimp and have some Shrimp on the barbee!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SNOOK at Dunedin

Tampa Fishing Report:
Well the season was closed and wouldn't you know it we landed a 30" last night. Dunedin so far is great for us catching Big Snook Last May 1st I landed a 34". But most of the fun is the fight so we went with it, Took a good picture and let em go. We were actually out for a night of Redfish and Shrimp. We took the Kayaks right off the second bridge to Honeymoon Island and went up into the bay where the Caladisi Ferry is. We could see Schools of Mullet and bait fish all over the Bay and the Extreme Low Tide (Full Moon) was making things much more shallow. We thought for sure the reds would be laying under the Mullet Schools. BUT we found only Snook. So after a few hook ups and the 30 incher it was getting dark and we thought we would Shrimp for a little while. We found some perfect grass and found about 200 or so and called it a night. Although Smaller then the Skyway/Desoto Shrimp there seemed to be more. Later in the season we should see a size increase.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Spanish Macks

Tampa Fishing Report,
Spanish Macks were all over the Gandy Fishing Piers Sunday afternoon. The trick was to get the bait to the correct depth. Using a small trolling weight or slip weight and longer leader helped out. Most fish landed were in the 20-24" range with a few smaller and some larger. With the Water temperature picking up to should the fishing.