Saturday, June 02, 2012

Inner Coastal Fishing

I've been out of the country on a vacation to Germany and Italy and finally made it out fishing. It truly is nice to have such a great place right in our back yard.
Went out on last Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend and thought it might not be too bad with the storm staying well North. The trout were biting and so were all the other fish, even a small 18 inch Grouper decided to bite my jig with a live shrimp on it. Also we never got pictures but we caught a Ladyfish that was the "Ladyfish that ate Tokyo" it had to be about 10 punds and 30 inches long. We at first thought it was a Big Bluefish, then maybe a small Tarpon but sure enough when we got it beside the boat it was a HUGE Lady fish. However the excitement of the day was the Grouper. IN about 12 foot of water and on a 1/8thoz jighead with a live shrimp.