Friday, December 30, 2011

Early New Years Eve Eve Redfishing

We got out on the water about 0815 it was calm and we immediately started catching fish. Tim landed a nice Slot Red, then we stayed in the same area and really slayed them.

We kept two nice ones and threw about 10 back. Trout were biting hard too but we were really looking for Redfish and most of the trout were undersized. Here is a Video of one of the Redfish.
you couldn't have asked for a nicer morning and day on the water, I think the pictures sum it up. Tampa Redfish, are one of the most fun fish to catch.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Fishing in the upper bay, Creek Channels and warmer water areas

It seems the fish are cold too...many of the places that are holding the best fish seem to be areas that have water temperatures warmer than the surrounding areas. some of these would be the upper bay areas that are shallower than normal allowing the water temperature to absorb the sun throughout the say. Many of the upper bay creeks are teaming with bait and fish. An unusually warm fall and beginning of winter has extended a very hot TROUT bite throughout the flats. I'm no weather expert BUT just seeing what is happening on the water makes me believe the Fish want to be warm too. SO if you can get out this weekend....New Years and ALL or if your on vacation from work this week. FISHING might not be a bad stress reliever and a treat for you and any of your out of town guests. If I had to choose some best bets I would say the upper Tampa bay park, Channel A, Double Branch Creek and the flats over on the Dunedin side to be some of your more productive areas. HOWEVER south near the Ft. Desoto Flats and Treasure Island area should be doing just as well.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fishing in these FALL months

The fishing has actually been excellent. The trout seem to be everywhere and the bigger Redfish have moved into their winter hideouts like salt water lakes off Anclote River, and the Creek mouths in upper Tampa Bay. Top water and shrimp under a Popping cork have worked excellent. We went out about a week ago off Anclote Key near the lighthouse. Anchored in about 7ft of water and caught Trout all day long and we even hooked a few Spanish mackerel and Some 18-20inch blue fish. Fishing this time of year can be great a lot of fishermen slow down in the winter, myself included, and you can have the water to yourself. Good luck and Tight lines.