Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sharks, Bigguns too

Ummm where'd the Tarpon go? We were on the water by 6:00pm heading to Gandy for more Tarpon. BUT. Instead we about got yanked into the water by a couple big predators. The first one we landed(pulled to the side of the boat) had to be about 140lbs and about 6ft. long, Mean and Strong as a Train. This Black Tip's initial Run about spooled our 100lb line and pulled so hard it about yanked the guy on the pole in the water. Once we got him up, 45 minutes later, we took a few pics and released him. The next one was a bit smaller but same story. After these two fights we figured since No one has taken us up on the "Work 2 days Fish 5" work weel had better pull anchor and head to the house.

Monday, May 15, 2006


WOW, heres the comparison. Take a Big hook stand on the side of Hillsborough Ave. wing it into Traffic and HOLD ON! That is what it was like Saturday Night. On the water by 6:30pm. Looked everywhere for Pinfish none to be had. 8 small blue crabs in the live well and about 8:25 we anchored at Gandy on the south Side Mid Span. We hooked 3 Tarpon in total. 2 running to 80lbs one upwards of 120lbs. The boat was all setup and rigged to Chase these silver kings and we were scrambling......approximately 10 other boats were anchored in the same general area....AND hmmm....we were the ONLY boat I saw all night HOOK UP. (musta been the bait..just to say it wasn't the crabs) Look for more of these reports in the coming days and look for the pictures when we land em.