Thursday, August 02, 2012

Florida Middle Grounds 27 July 2012

We hadn't been on the weekend trip out of Hubbards Marina in so long it was almost like we had forgotten how much fun it could be. We finally decided to get it together and make a trip. One of the things we needed was the inside cabins, It makes for a more comfortable trip and in the hot summer days it truly keeps you from passing out in the heat. The 39 Hour trip is just that a trip that truly puts you on the fish and makes you want more...But your hands are cut up your arms are wore out and your tackle has taken a beating so by the end you need to go home to recover. WE left the dock at 3:00pm on the big Friendly Fisherman and we head out. We tied leaders and rigs until about 9pm then woke up when the Captain said we are getting ready to line up on the first spot.
Tim's Gag Grouper
It was 1:12 am and hopefully that little sleep was enough to last until we stopped fishing at 7:30pm the next night. The good thing was we immediately started catching fish. Nice Mangrove Snappers and literally we never stopped catching fish EXCEPT in between anchor runs for Captain Mark to put us right back on another great spot. When he said Mangroves he was right, when he said Grouper he was right. The only thing better would have been to have a School of Mahi show up....
Then they did. The three of us Me, Tim and Steve had our two day limit of Snapper already and some other very nice Grouper, Bar Jacks and BIG Porgies. One of the best trips we've ever been on.
and this video taken by Mr. Bob Harbison really captured the essence of the Trip. I cannot do justice to his write-up but I have to Thank Bob for his great coverage of our entire trip.