Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekend fishing should be picking up

With the small front that came through the fish should be moving around. Monday Night in our old channel I was able to hook a few snook and landed a 24 incher. Wednesday Night wading near Safety Harbor we saw a lot of hook up but were doing more exploring then fishing. looking for good spots to try at another time. The Kings should be offshore this weekend except the Wind is suppose to pick up so be careful. The Reds should be on some of the flats and the Snook should be coming out to the creek mouths.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NEW HOTSPOTS Posted - And Fishing Report

Well I decided to place another Hot Spot on my list and map so if your interested check out my Hotspots link on the left of the main web site. Now for the report.

On the water by about 5:30pm and we decided to check a few new spots and see what was biting for the night. We launched off the South West side of Dunedin Causeway and headed West into the Caladesi Ferry Bay. We threw a few top waters and a few jigs but nothing seemed to be biting. We then headed south across the main pass channel and fished the drop off off Caladesi Island. Nothing seemed to be biting there either. So we moved further west and south and drifted the flats south of the Caladesi Channel. WOW nothing there either So we ended up drifting the Boat Channel that runs parallel to the Causeway. This was the hotspot. Trout were hitting everytime we dropped our Gulp Jerkbaits. White or Silver and Blue worked Best with a small split shot or weight at the head. Rigged it weedless and dropped it to the bottom. Then Jerked it off the bottom pretty fast. On the fall seemed to be the best hits. We landed 3 keeper trout around 18 inches each and hooked and released about 8-10 small fry about 10 inches. the magic hour was the best time for hook ups and after dark the bite dropped significantly. The tide was incoming and it was a FULL MOON. Fishing was great. Look for a new Trout Recipe sometime shortly.

Friday, March 06, 2009

KINGFISH are coming SOON!

Well its just around the corner and the Kingfish will be making their way down the coast. The next two weekends will be good for early kings and some nice fighting fish. The smokers may not be in yet but they should be around the end of the month. Look for it to really pick up all the way through April and into early May.

This will be the beginning of the Early Kingfish Run along the Coast here in the Tampa Area. Some good spots will be about 10 miles out over any of the major wrecks. Troll till you hit one or two then stop and cast some long plugs for em.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Experienced Pilots Requested to Assist Family in Search

I do not know the family nor am I a representitive of anyone related but I feel if the more people ask the more help they may recieve. The Family of Marquis Cooper, one of the missing boaters is asking experienced Pilots to continue in the search for Marquis, Corey Smith and Will Bleakley. They have requested anyone interested contact them at

See the related Article here. on

Monday, March 02, 2009

Boat Capsizes, 1 Rescued

If everyone here especially fisherman of the area haven't already heard. The nasty wind and weather that blew in caused a horrible incident that many fisherman won't forget nor will they take a simple fishing trip as no serious matter. As reported by


"The U.S. Coast Guard has found one of four missing boaters clinging to the capsized vessel today in the Gulf of Mexico and the Coast Guard said it has rescued Nick Schuyler, a former University of South Florida football player who was on a Saturday fishing trip with three other people."


At this point they haven't found the others or indicated any other status. My Thanks as I'm sure of many other fisherman's thanks go out to the Coast Guard, Florida Wild Life Officers, U.S. Air Force Rescuers and all the other civil enforcement and individuals that put forth the extraordinary effort of braving wind and weather to find these men and with any prayers hopefully the other three will be found SAFE.

I own a 21ft Center Console and regardless of planning or watching the weather things happen that are unpredictable and regardless of judgement or skill cannot be accounted for.