Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TampaBayRays Beat Philly in less then 7

OK, If you haven't been around Tampa the past week then you haven't seen everything turn blue and the RAYS beat the Red Sox. But now its time for the world Series. And with that in mind I found this article on that talked about their simulation software they use to help predict the outcome of games. Here is the Link to read the whole story .ESPN.Com and here are a few Quotes.

"the results of our simulations project the Tampa Bay Rays to continue their "Cinderella" run and defeat the Phillies. In fact, Tampa Bay won over 71 percent of our 2,000 series simulations, the largest winning margin of any postseason projection we've done for" (ESPN.Com, By Dayne Myers and Luke Kraemer).

"When we projected the Red Sox as heavy favorites last year, we gave them a decent chance of a sweep (Boston swept 105 of the 1,000 series simulations). In contrast, Tampa Bay swept 299 of the 2,000 simulations we ran for this year's Series, or 15 percent, and the Rays won the Series in five games or less 626 times (31.3 percent). In other words, the simulations do not bode well for the Phillies, and the odds are against them even making it to a seventh game. "

But enough of the professionals. I predict that Rays Win in 5. Because in order for us to lose. ALL 3 of our major strengths have to go bad. PITCHING, HITTING and DEFENSE. And thats not happening. Tampa Bay "Title Town USA" Super Bowl Champs, Stanley Cup Champs and World Series Champs, Nuff Said!