Monday, October 17, 2005

Mangroves Biting

Sunday Morning, Mangrove Snapper Fishing near St. Pete Pier. On the Water by 6:00am, still dark, cool, and calm waters and the Snapper was biting. We headed straight to the submerged piles that we knew would hold fish and after we anchored and dropped the first bait in the water we knew that our fish finder wasn't lying when we started marking fish all over the structure. I immediately landed a Pretty, but Small Gag Grouper and then we started landing Snappers. 13-14 inchers and after a few Larger ones broke off we knew we were on the right spot. approximately 5 other boats were near us but none were bringing in fish that we could see and we knew we had arrived before everyone and picked out the right spot. About 2 hours of some good fishing the bite stopped and we moved around to see if there was anything else biting with no luck. All and all a good day of fishing and we got back in time to see the Bucs Finish off the Dolphins. Tight Lines

Friday, October 14, 2005

Double Branch Is HOT!!

On the water by 6:00pm the tide was super low but the fish were moving and hitting everything thrown at them. The top water was excellent and at our first stop we had plenty of topwater slaps from small Reds then we hooked into a nice sized Snook but decided there were bigger to be had. The next stop about two inches from shore gave us another good snook and our next stop produced some good keeper Trout on top water. As darkness set in we started hitting the Jacks Feeding frenzy that almost had the fish jumping in the boat to escape the Jacks. All in all a Great Night of fishing and some real good pole bending.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Testing the Waters

We ended up on the water by about 1:00pm it was a hot day but we were just going out and seeing what was biting. We ended up initially at the Gandy / 275 Artificial Reef and drifted back and forth across the reef with live shrimp looking for some snapper off the bottom. We ended up with only one snapper and about 4 Large Lizard fish. Nothing to write home about. We then moved under Gandy and hooked a few large fish that got away and a small black sea bass. The fish seem to be out and about and with the water cooling and the red tide NOT in the bay the fishing seems fairly good. Check your tides and try your luck. Moving around or drift fishing seems to be the best producer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dunedin Causeway Fishing (Mangrove Snappers?)

We were on the water by about 6:15pm took both Kayaks across the small bay to the Caladesi Ferry Docks and targeted Redfish with Live Shrimp and Silver/Gold Spoons. Had a Few hits and landed a Ladyfish or two but as the Sun set we started noticing a lot of topwater activity so we switched tactics and threw some topwaters lures at the fish breaking the surface. To our surprise we ended up landing some nice 13-14" Snappers. On topwater of all things. We released the few we landed and headed out for the night. Looks like the Moon is gaining and in the next few nights we will try our old haunt near Double Branch.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Snook Fishing Opening Day

We headed out to Dunedin Causeway and fished the entire area from hurricane pass up into the ferry bay for Caladesi Island. Back int he calm water of the bay the grass beds looked real healthy and we spooked up some very large Redfish that swooped at our Topwaters but missed. We were targeting Snook and for the opening day we thought we had a vary fishy area. A few Redfish bites and that was about it. we are heading back out this week sometime possibly tonight to try our double branch haunt and see what we can spook up there.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Fishing and The Bay Status

We haven't been out in a Long time the Red Tide has given us a bad taste we have been waiting especially for the Snook Season to Reopen. Sept 1st and we will be on the water. We are outfitting another Kayak with a New Motor and should have it ready by the 1st. We'll post Reports on the snook as soon as we reel em in.

Tight Lines!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 4th Fishing Weekend

We hit the water by 6:00am started at the mouth of Channel A and drifted the flats between Channel A and Double Branch. The top water fishing was good even though the wind was strong we had multiple Top water hits We did land a few Lady fish and a Small Jack Creval but no Red fish or Trout. We then moved to the Artificial Reef between Gandy and Howard Franklin bridges. We chummed the water and in no time we were landing Spanish Mackerel almost non-stop. One Large Spanish Mack was around 26". The fishing seemed to be good the only bad thing we noted was the Salenity was way down in the upper channel due to the large amounts of rain the last week. Which killed a good many shrimp before we got out of the channel. Tight Lines

Friday, July 01, 2005

Snook and Redfish for the weekend

The weather actually looks like it may hold this weekend and the fishing seems to be good in the bay the weekend reports I'm hearing are that on both the flats on either side of Channel A are going to be good fishing this weekend. To help pinpoint I will have maps up later this weekend but to tell you it is from the mouth of Double Branch Creek East and from the Mouth Of Rocky Creek West. Drift Fishing these flats can be be productive with some good Topwater action from the 20-30 fish schools of reds reported. Also thes COBIA may be on the rays on these flats. Snook on the other hand seem to be hanging near the bridge pilings. Anchor in the current and toss your bait up current and let it wash back towards your boat a wieghted Pin fish or Green Back should liven things up using about a 3/8oz weight to drop your bait into the strike zones. Tight Lines.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Weekend Fishing

Well if your on the water this weekend it looks like some Cobia may be near the Courtney Campbell Causeway. I plan to be on the water by 6:00am and the reports I've heard are near the Causeway for Cobia, and near the Howard Franklin-Gandy Artificial Fish reef for Spanish Mack. The Red tide to the south is still a factor...unless you find clean water you may have luck.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Reports are that anywhere north of the Howard franklin for Snook, Trout and Reds should be good Bait is plentiful and Red Tide hasn't gotten up this far. Tomorrow I'll be out and try it out drifting the Flats from Channel A towards Rocky Creek. Also Any of the mouths are reporting Redfish in the upper bay areas. The Bridges are even reporting Black Drum to 15lbs.......


On the water by 630am Launched from Ft. Desoto. The Red Tide is still everywhere!!! The water is murky and floating dead fish everywhere. Surprisingly the Bait was still plentiful at the Skyway and as long as you don't run through red tide on your way to your fishing spot you should be fine. Half our bait died and the other half we were able to save. But finding Clear Water is the key. And we weren't able to find any. We left out of desoto ramp and headed east fished everywhere along the channels and drifted the flats and couldnt find clear water anywhere headed back to the Skyway NOTHING. Headed towards the Ft. Desoto Bay Pier and Drifted along the beaches back to the east and the RED TIDE is everywhere.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fishing Report for the weekend

Looks like the summer weekend fishing is on. I've heard of a lot of Mangrove Snapper being caught near the Gandy Bridge on the North East Side. The Guys at Gandy Bait and Tackle can help you pinpoint these fish. But also Pompano are reported at the Howard Franklin. The hot summer days and smooth waters make for a good day under the bridge. Start by Scrapping some of the Green Mussles off the pilings then drop down a Pompano Jig or small fiddler and you should be set. Even a few Cobia may show up to see what the attraction is. Be ready for them with a heavier rod and a shrimp or throw the fiddler toward them if their hungry they'll eat. Tight Lines

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Red Tide Fish Kills

Decided to Head towards Shell Key and Camp over night and do some fishing but found an unusual amount of dead fish all along the shore line in just the little area we fished there were hundreds.....of every type including about a 300lb Goliath Grouper (Sad Sight). The fishing was very slow but campers near us hooked a few snook that they released. Other reports from around the Bay are that Black drum are being caught on the bridges and Mangrove Snapper are being caught in the ships channels Live bait (shrimp or small greenbacks) are your best bet. Seems that the Bay waters have been spared and the best fishing seems to be inside the bay.
Tight Lines

Thursday, June 16, 2005

South Skyway Fishing

Hit the South Side of the Skyway looking for redfish. We put in at the turn into the south fishing pier near the rocks and headed into the flats near there. We were only using artificials and could see a lot of bait moving in the shallows but saw no redfish. My Buddy Hooked two nice fish that pulled nice for a few seconds and then were off. About the time the sun was setting we moved closer to the small shorlines and could see fish hitting bait. We both hooked up and landed two small Snook and released them. Other then that nothing really hit. Slow night in VERY warm water 85-86 deg.

Tight Lines

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Weekend Fishing

Clearwater Beach and Hurricane Pass, Well the fishing has really turned on and anywhere you go should be good. We decided to check out Clearwater Pass and the markers we hit the #1 Marker and had some great luck. After Baiting up we caught about 4 Spanish Mackerel on light colored Jigs and silver rattle Traps. Then we decided to move towards Hurricane Pass and try some inshore flats for trout. but on the way we thought we would troll for some larger spanish macks. We hooked up with about 4 more macks some up to 20". Once inshore we hooked into some trout and even a Cobia hit our small live shrimp. And we ended up landing a 4 ft. Bonnet Shark (Hammerhead family). The fishing is picking up and we're staying on them. Reports we have are of Tarpon schooling and rolling near the skyway and inner bay bridges. Red fish and trout are all over the flats. Permit are on the closer wrecks hitting smaller crabs. Pompano are on the beaches. Large King fish are on the inner side of Egmont Key. Spanish Macks are all along the Beaches. Tight Lines

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dunedin Causeway

SNOOK, on top water....At least thats what we photographed and released. We were after Reds or Trout but landed two nice SNOOK. One was 25 inches and the other was 34.5 inches. The biggest Snook I ever caught! but they were hitting topwaters and the fights were fantastic. Headin out again Thursday Evening same area. Pictures are posted in my pictures area under 34 and a half incher.... Tight Lines

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Clearwater Beach Fishing

We headed out of Seminole Boat ramp and thought we would just play around on the beaches and fish a little. We had a Live well full of shrimp and we really were looking to catch some flounder. We also wanted to catch a few Blue Runners in the event we made it the top of Honeymoon Island we could do a little shark fishing. So we headed straight for the last marker out of Clearwater pass and circling around the marker were about 6 keeper sized Cobia. We immediately through a few live shrimp towards them. But the Cobia were'nt the only thing in the water I was lucky and landed about a 19" Spanish mackerel and then we hooked a few Flounder. The rest of our hits cut our line immediately since we weren't expecting the Spanish to be that thick we weren't running wire leaders. The Cobia were more reluctant or should I say elusive. We did hook a few Blue runners though and we headed for the beaches. We ended up in Hurricane Pass and wade fished. We landed another Flounder and About 5 fish that looked like a type of drum but were extremely silver and had a black marking on the back of the top tip of their Tail. I will post pictures when I get them downloaded. Seems like the fishing is picking up and this next weekend shoudl eb one of the best yet. Tight Lines

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Total Fish Caught by all fisherman on the 34 hour trip Posted by Hello(picture included)
All Fish Caught. This is the total of the fish caught on the trip.

Hubbard's Marina 34 Hour trip

30 Mangroves, 2 Grouper and an Amber Jack Posted by Hello (picture Included)
With My 10 Mangroves and My Buddy's 19 mangroves and one American Red we had a Very Full stringer. Not to Mention the 30lb Amberjack and two Gags

Hubbard's Marina Deep Sea Fishing trip (34 hour)

Hubbard's Marina Deep Sea Fishing trip Posted by Hello
This trip was very productive and as you can see we caught fish and so did all the other fisherman that went. The Mangroves were really hitting good. Anyone that wants to go on a Hard Core Fishing Trip needs to check out the Hubbard's Marina 34 hour trip. View the link on the side of the site to go directly to the Hubbard's Marina Web Site.

Tight Lines

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Snook Fishing Double Branch

Snook fishing this first season has been great, We have caught our share and released our share. The Mouth of Double Branch is one of the good fishing spots for Snook the Deep cut near the Mangroves goes from 1ft to about 6 ft deep almost immediately the shallow side of the channel has a large oyster bed that draws many bait fish to feed. Our Last trip on 28 April produced no Snook but plenty of hits from smaller fish including some reds and ladyfish. The fish were turned off due to the Storms that hit Tuesday. We will now switch gears and look to the bay and near the beaches for our fish.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Double Branch Snook Fishing

Snook are still around and we have a 32 incher in the kayak to prove it. The Fish were hitting and chasing bait all over the mouth and throughout the creek on the way to the mouth. The evening top water bite is exceptional and on the Strong Outgoing tide you couldn't ask for a better bite. We initially hit a double hookup of Jack Creval they were coralling bait like Piranha. As the sun went down we switched to the favorite 8" Bomber-A-Brokenbacks and started trolling the mangrove line. The first trip past brought in the 32" and then the next few were small and had to be returned. As the moon came up (Day after full) the fish returned to the top water and the bite really turned on. But since we work for a living, we had to rest sometime so, we headed back and took our one keeper. Even with the front that came in and today's supposed rain the fishing was still great and within a week or so the bite should be even better. Our next trip is this Friday on a 34 hour trip with the Hubbard's Marina Guys. A little change to the inshore but hopefully we can hook up with some serious Red Snapper since they just came into season on the 21st. Tight Lines.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Redfish in Double Branch

Monday Night Fishing at Double Branch seemed to be about the Redfish. Alot of the Snook are moving around and feeding in different areas and so the Redfish seemed to have moved into the Double Branch creek area all the way to the Hillsborough Bridge. We put the Kayaks in and headed towards the mouth throwing Topwater pulgs along the way. (Small Zara Spooks) seemed to be the favorite in a White/Red or Silver/Black color. The Reds continuosly swatted at the spooks as we dog walked them back to us. A slow steady retrieve triggered most strikes and the slow twitch-stop allowed the Reds a chance to inhale the plugs. The best time to be on the water right now is at HIGH tide possible the top of the tide and when the tide is outgoing. Live bait is always a sure thing out here and after dark a REAL Flashy RattL Trap can help increase your catch.
Tight Lines

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hook Tip

When fishing Saltwater and fishing for big fish a BIG SHARP HOOK is always a good bet. Most Lures no matter how expensive or impressive have inadequate hooks. Switching the hooks out for sharper hooks that are stronger and larger can increase your hook ups. A typical 52m Mirro comes with a #2 2x Treble Hook. Switching this hook out for a #3 or #4 3x will give you that little extra edge. Switching to a RED treble hook may increase your chances as well giving your lure that little extra "wounded prey" look. Switching the Rear and middle hooks may be all that is needed, look at your lure to determine what may be best. For Instance: a Large Rattle Trap really works well by switching the FRONT Treble to a Larger RED Treble hook. Give it a try and see how it goes and drop us a line and let us know what you think might be the best. Check out our Fishing Forums at the Top of the main page for more Lure Tips and Tests. Be Sure to look for our Favorite Lure page coming soon.

Tight Lines!

Double Branch Fishing Report

Double Branch is on FIRE! On the water by 6:15pm we hit the top of the tide and the wind was blowing, but most of the channel was protected. The slight ripple didn't stop the top water bite. Using a "Jumping Finger Mullet" (from Denny B's) the first cast caused a huge swirl and a strike and from then on it was FANTASTIC. We fished all the way to the mouth using top waters. The Snook and Reds were hitting the Reds had a hard time hooking up on topwater but the Snook had no issues. They hit whatever was there and a little twitch and stop for abotu 5 seconds and another twitch and they were on we both hooked up about 10 times and landed about 4 fish each. The first keeper was 27" that hit the ZARA SPOOK about 6 times before latching on. The next Keeper about 26" hit a chug topwater. Even though they were keepers we released all the fish we caught. Even after the sun went down the bite was still on and on our way back we trolled 52m Mirro-Lure's and had strikes all the way back in. One Jack Creval about 20" and a good strong pull almost at the put in point that shook its way off the hooks. The Bite was great and with the clear skys and the moon moving towards full on the 25th the bite should be good until then. Tight Lines !

Monday, April 11, 2005

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Double Branch and Rocky Creek seem to be good locations for Trout and Red Fish. The red fish are hitting Freelined Shrimp and Silver Rattle Traps. Large Schools of bait have been seen there near the changes of the tide and the Reds are following them. The flats near Double Branch are holding some Reds during the incoming tide and a few cobia have been spotted swimming with the rays. The Courtney Campbell seems slow still with a lot of Lady Fish and the Dolphins, Shore Fisherman seem to be doing good on both sides with a few snook being caught using cut white baits, Even a large cobia was landed on the Western bank. The Gandy seems to have some Spanish Macks Running hitting anything flashy and at night Snook are hanging out hitting freelined pinfish. Even the tarpon have been spotted near the bridge but we suspect they won't be real active till the Blue Crabs are flowing out of the bay regularly. Both days this past weekend were good Fishing days for us with a few Reds caught and ton of lady fish. TightLines

Monday, April 04, 2005

Courtney Campbell Causeway Fishing

Fishing the Bay Bridges can be quite exciting. Yesterday when the wind was whipping and the waves were a good 2ft. The Motion of the Ocean was more then enough to send every fish to the bottom to look for cover. We on the other hand thought a little time on the boat would count towards us putting in our time on the water and get us closer to the big one. We started in the mouth of channel A out of the wind and moved to the Courtney Campell shortly after just to see what was biting. Jigging and Live shrimp were the thought and we tried a few different combinations until we hit something that caught fish and when we did it was non-stop. But the fish were not what we wanted. LadyFish and tons of them were hitting our jigs everytime we dropped a line over the edge to the bottom. It won't be long and we should be able to catch a Cobia or two in these exact spots. Also now with the time change the Fishing at night will start to pick up and our Tarpon hunt will be on as well. (Next Trip: Tonight Evening Snook using Topwaters).
Tight Lines

Morning Double Branch Fishing

Made our way to the mouth early Friday Morning. On the way we stopped at one of the deeper holes to try for some reds with Live Shrimp. After about 20 minutes of fishing this deeper cut we hit a few small sheephead that were picking our shrimp to pieces and decided that the reds had moved out. The current from the incoming tide was strong and the anchoring up made it dificult but we finally managed and almost immediately hooked and landed a large Jack Creval and then shortly after landed two small reds (released) . We only stayed until we ran out of shrimp.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The wind died down and the water was smooth as glass, we launched from our trusty Double Branch Spot and were headed for the mouth. Along the way we noticed a few "fishy" looking spots and so we thought with the smooth water we should try some top water "gold Zara Spook" We had just launched and weren't in the water 5 minutes and on the VERY FIRST CAST my buddy twitched the spook 3 times and the explosion caught us off guard. almost immediately we had a 30 incher in the boat. What start! We headed for the mouth stopping at a few nice looking spots had a few hits but no hook ups. Once at the mouth we had a strong outgoing and all along the Mangroves the Fish were popping under the edges. We floated some topwaters buy and had a few hookups and some aerial action but nothing to keep. We fished until around 8:30 and headed back. (Next Trip Friday Morning)
We can't wait for the time change this weekend. More Light after work and more top water action.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

5.2lb Mangrove Snapper

5.2 Pound Mangrove Snapper (won $216) for largest Snapper on our last Hubbard's Marina Offshore trip March 12th Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tampa Bridges Fishing Report

On the water around 10:00am Saturday Morning. With the weather clearing slightly we figured the fishing would be good. We studied the local fishing reports from other local web sites and figured we'd try the Spanish Mack fishing near Gandy Bridge. Our first stop though would be Howard Franklin Bridge to test the waters.
We dropped anchor and threw out a couple of Gotcha's and after about thirty minutes of jigging we landed 4 catfish. That was enough of that so we headed to Gandy Bridge and started fishing both sides of the 20' drop offs. There were two other boats on the water and they didn't seem to be catching anything. We ended up landing a few large lady fish but no Spanish Macks. The water temperature has increased and the fishing seems to be turning on. Another week or two and we should see some fantastic fishing.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Double Branch Creek, Snook and Reds that seems to be what is biting. We got on the water by dusk around 6ish. we headed straight for the mouth to start early while there was a little light. We were hoping for a Full moon night with some great Snook Action but the Clouds would'nt cooperate. AS it popped in and out of the clouds we seemed to get our hook ups. It wasn't a hot night but as the moon popped out on abotu our fourth trolling pass. We both hooked up with some flying snook. Mine shook the hook on about the 3rd jump and my buddy ended up landing a keeper 30" after another hour of fishing all we had to show was the 30", a ton of hits, a Jack Creval and a Sting Ray. The weather coming around and the water temp is getting better.

About 3 more weeks and the fishing will be fantastic


Monday, March 21, 2005

Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay

On the water by about 6:00am. We left out of Channel A and headed for the Courtney Campbell to try out the fishing it was a very chilly morning and with all of the rain from the past week we weren't sure if anything would be biting. It was a super low tide and the water was so clear my white jigs, at the bridge, were visible all the way to the bottom we started at the Courtney Campbell and then moved to a fish obstructions just to the south of CCC with no luck, we then moved to a fish obstruction just north of Gandy with no luck we then thought we might try some sheepshead near the bridge footings around Gandy. No Luck there either. There were hardly any other boats out and about and we never saw a fish hooked. The water and air temp was still a little low, in another week or two things should pick up. We did catch a Large Puffer fish and a sting ray. woowee! Your best bet is to stick to the mouths of the channels with live shrimp and a gold jig until we get a few "Chamber of Commerce" Days under our belt.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

DEEP SEA FISHING (Hubbard's Marina)

Hubbards Marina 34 hour fishing trip. We had been watching the weather and it seemed like it would be fine for the trip. We left out of the marina around 7:00pm and the waves were large around 4-6ft. the boat was really moving and out of the 50 some people about half seemed to feel the effects of the waves that increased to 6-8ft. We traveled all night and ended up at our first fishing stop and dropped lines. The waves continued throughout the day and the fishing seemed to be fairly good. On our fist stop we hooked up with about 7 mangroves and a slew of undersized black and red groupers. We also seemed to hit the (OUT OF SEASON) Red Snappers that were a shame to throw back but, a few quick photos and we let'em go. The trip continued as did the waves and the fishing was so so. We ended up catching between the 4 of us 3 keeper black grouper, 2 amberjack, and about 15 mangrove snappers. there were plenty of large Black grouper caught and a 25lb Black Tuna. We were lucky and caught a 5.2lb keeper snapper and won 215$ jackpot for the fish. The pictures will be posted on the sight shortly and another trip is planned for the 29th of April. If you ever have the chance and want to have a great fishing experience The Captains at Hubbards Marina can find the fish and put you on them. For Our Trip Captain Matt fought the rough seas and put us on the fish even though it was a slow fishing day. Thanks a million to him and his crew.


Friday, February 25, 2005


We thought the weather would already be here but it isn't and we took a chance on the clearing skies and went to the mouth of Double Branch for some outgoing tide snook fishing. On the water by about 7:00pm. Alomst immediately my buddy hooked and landed a 32" Keeper this Snook was revived by the strong current and even broke the Broken-Back Bomber (White-Red) in half. (straightened the eyelet) But after about a 15 minute fight he was in the kayak. About 10 minutes after that my buddy hooked a Trout that almost scared us. Using a Broken-Back Bomber-A (White-Red) landed a 25" Trout. This was probably the biggest trout I had seen, other then on TV. Well I didn't do so well I hooked a 24" Snook and released him and a couple of Lady Fish. SO with the Snook and Trout out of the way my buddy threw on a Shrimp and freelinded it near a large oyster bed and whaddya know he hooked the Redfish he needed to complete his INSHORE SLAM. Snook, Trout and Redfish all at the mouth of Double Branch. The fishing is good and as soon as this weather moves out it should really be turned on. The pictures of these fish will be located on the Main Sight

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Double Branch SNOOK Fishing Report

On the Water by about 7:40pm. The clouds worried us a little but the close-to-full moon made us get out there. The tide was almost slack and the swirls on the top of the water were different then the normal mullet jumping here and there. I was using a 52M Mirro-Lure (white-red) and my buddy was using a Yozuri (white-red). The first hit came on our second pass near the mangroves and my buddy landed about a 24-25" Pup-Snook. Immediately after I landed a Large Ladyfish, Then another. At least the fish were biting. Then it was my turn and I landed a 24-25" pup-snook (picture in the snook area) of the main sight We noticed the clouds had moved out and as soon as they did the Bite was on we both caught a few more Ladyfish and hooked up with two other fish that looked to be snook. All fish were released since they were close and we Know there are larger keepers in this spot. All in all the night was great and the water looks warm enough for the fish to be active and feeding. Tomorrow night is the FULL moon and if the clouds and weather stay away it should be some good SNOOK fishing for about the next 3-4 days.

Tightlines ---

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Double Branch Fishing report

On the Water by about 7:15am Took the kayak to the mouth of Double Branch looking for trout bought a dozen Slect Shrimp from Denny B's. At the mouth the Outgoing current was strong and it looked like it would be a Great Trout day. Hooked up with one trout never landed looked to be about 12" or smaller. There were a lot of other kayaks and Canoes out and about and the fishing looked good watched one kayak pull in a keeper trout and watched a canoe pull in about 3 redfish (small). On the way out stopped and talked with another Canoe Fisherman and he caught and landed 2 nice reds in about ten minutes free lining Shrimp in a deep hole just inside the mouth on incoming current. A picture is in the Pictures area Listed under 30+ Red. The two reds he caught were easily keepers and the second fish was about 15lbs or more and looked to be 30+ inches. Looked like there was some bait moving in the shallows right at the mouth but not much else happening.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tampa Fishing Report

On the water by 5:30pm we took two kayaks to the flats near Ft Desoto just prior to the Draw Bridge on the left.

The bite out here was fantastic the Trout and ladyfish seemed to hit anything that hit the water. we caught 4 trout each all keeper size but we released them, one was over 20". Lime Green Jigheads 1/4oz with white Swimming minnow Bodies and Small Gold plastic twist tails seemed to be the trigger. we fished until approximately 7:00pm and had bites until we left. Also the Pinfish seemed very plentiful here I caught 4 of them on a gold spoon. A Shrimp tipped Sabiki should fill a bait well here.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Upper Tampa Bay Fishing Report

TROUT, TROUT and more TROUT, that seems to be the consensus as to what IS biting. Here is the best bet. Take about 2 dozen select Shrimp and head to the mouth of any of the upper Tampa bay Creeks put one split shot on the line about 18" from the hook and slap on the shrimp. Throw it out and wait a few minutes. For better luck take a bag of Uncooked Shrimp put in blender for a about 30 seconds then when you find a spot near the mouth on OUTGOING tide go into the mouth of the creek UPCURRENT and spread this concoction around about a 30' area and then move DOWNCURRENT from the chum slick and throw out your line this will bring the fish in in a hurry and your sure to find a fish or two...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tampabayfish fishing report

On the water by about 7:45pm took two Kayaks to the mouth of Double Branch creek trolled the mouth for about an hour with no luck. Saw plenty of finger mullet and it seemed like the bite should have been on but perhaps the water is still a little too cold and the bite is still off. Looking forward to our fishing trip out of Hubbards Marina ( )on the 25th of Feb. Will post all info and pictures when we return.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

TampaBayFish (On The water)

On the water by 7:30 am caught a few small pin fish near the mangroves for bait. Not a lot of bait around. Attempted a few casts using Chartreuse Jigheads with white minnow bodies near the mouth of Channel A and also near Courtney Campbell Causeway Bridge. Did not see any bait fish or other fish for that matter other then dolphins. It was not a very good day for fishing. The tide was outgoing and it seemed like the location was not that good either. We didn't see any other boats catching anything either. Moved to the Fish haven location south of the Howard Franklin Bridge and it seemed that the Bouy that marked the area has been removed or broke free and is gone. no luck there either. We had reports from some other locals that trout had been biting early on top water and live shrimp at the creek mouths but did not see any action. The Cold Water may have been a contributing factor.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Fishing In Tampa bay

Well it looks like the Snook Season is open again and as far as I've heard there aren't as many good bites happening and the fish seem to be very picky as to what their biting. The Cold weather has kept some of them out of the area but the creek mouths are still your best bet on warm days. On the Colder days you should slow your presentation down or move to a live bait and chum to produce the best. Otherwise the Trout bite is on near most of the flats and redfish have been tailing near desoto in the mangroves. Sheepshead are really coming on near most of the major bridge pilings...remember to scrape some of the green clams off the bridge pilings for chum and use small bits of shrimp on a STRONG hook.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Holiday Fishing

Well it's been a while since I've posted the holidays have taken a toll on my fishing, BUT the local fishing has still been quite good. Trout have been caught off the mouth of Double Branch Creek and the Snook are still hitting broken back bombers trolled slowly. Also be sure to check the warmer water by the power plant near Gandy Bridge for some good Cobia Action.