Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Charter Captain in Local Resources: Capt. Kevin Walton

I wanted to let everyone know that I have another Charter Captain that is listed in the LOCAL RESOURCES section of my site. Capt. Kevin Walton of Serving the Tampa Bay Area, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach And More. Contact him at


Or at

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Offshore Fishing with Capt. Bill

We decided to head out with a friend of a friend and find some snapper and whatever else might be biting offshore. We headed out at around 5pm on Friday evening going to hit a few spots for some Snapper overnight. We started out at a few spots around the pipeline, found some structure and started fishing we ended up immediately catching 3 Mangrove Snappers then we started catching a few small vermillion Snapper. Then the really good bite started with Lane Snapper. Many of them were around 13 inches but we had 4-5 over 14 inches and one at 16 and 1/2 inches. 
Then we decided to move to the Mexican Pride and see what might bite during the night. The snapper were biting and we caught one or two smaller Lanes BUT the big catches were all Red Snapper of keepable size HOWEVER since they are closed we let em all go Except the Half Fish that we pulled up after the Sharks got to them.
We did catch a 60lb AmberJack but it seemed he was the only one there. After fishing for a while we realized that we were catching mostly sharks and after about 25 or more of them we decided that it was time to move spots. We moved around to a few other spots and found a few more snapper and some small Red Grouper but nothing keepable.
We decided it was time to head back after an all night trip we had a little drive to get home get some pictures and some Sleep. This won't be our last trip out with Capt. Bill and Hopefully we make it out soon. Thanks Bill and Frankie.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tampa Fishing Outfitters - One of Tampas Largest Selection of Fishing Supplies

This place is FANTASTIC, It has by far one of the largest selections of fishing equipment and supplies, from G.Loomis Rods and custom rigs to LEE cast nets and Costa Sunglasses if you can't find it here you probably don't need it to fish. I shop here when I need specific lures or items that I just can't find anywhere else, I just know they have it. The staff are all knowledgeable and friendly and give you all the advice you need and more. They hold fishing seminars on a regular basis and some of the speakers are the big names in local fishing like Capt. Rick Grassett and Capt. Randy Rochelle and Capt. Jason Prieto. Check their schedule here. Another thing I like is they have a rewards card, when you spend $25 you get a punch, once the card is filled up you get a $100 this is excellent too because we all know $25 is just the cost of showing up at a fishing supply store. If your in the need of new Rods, Reels, Sunglasses or every type and style of bait ever made this is the place to be, so stop by and check them out. I just love the place so I thought I would post this Heck I don't even know if they know I posted it. Thanks though this is the type of place we need to keep around so visit often and support your local Fisherman!
3916 West Osborne Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614-6551
(813) 870-1234
Open Weekdays 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-5:30pm

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fishing Report from Web Site

I got an anonymous Fishing Report for Tampa Bay from my site. Thanks for the Report!
"Spotted sea bass, black-tip shark, pompano, and mackerel were here in abundance most all keep-able sizes. First pylon off of MacDill off-limits sign southwest corner"

The Weather and nice falling barometer has helped the fishing lately. Again thanks for the report.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer Day Fishing

Although the days are hot and the afternoons filled with random Thunder Storms some fishing for fun can be had off the beaches and Grass flats around Tampa. Your best bet on days when it hits a heat index of 100 is to use live or dead bait. Target areas that have moving current and changes in depth or structure. Too shallow of water makes the temperature of the water too hot for the fish so finding that happ medium of about 6-8 feet seems to produce the best for me. If your looking for Trout or Redfish the Mornings and Evenings seem to be the best times, and even then you can still use top waters to lure them. Beach fishing also is the best in the mornings and evenings but if your looking for some middle of the day fishing it might just fit the bill to fish for whatever takes the bait. Along many of the beaches you can catch small "silver" fish (not sure what they are but they are a drum about 10-15 inches long and are all silver in color and have a black coloring on the very back top of  their tail not like a spot on a Redfish). You can also catch Catfish, Flounder Small Gray Snapper and Sharks. Its not the targeted game fish that many fisherman are stalking BUT if your just hanging out on the beach and wanna get a line wet it can be fun to pull in some of these fish and a nice flounder could be lunch. Light Tackle a Small circle hook and a few split shot can make the bait bounce accross the bottom and look good to just about any of the fish mentioned.

Friday, August 05, 2011

New Charter Captain in Local Resources: Capt. Lee Blick

I wanted to let everyone know that I have another Charter Captain that is listed in the LOCAL RESOURCES section of my site. Capt. Lee Blick of he specializes in Upper, Middle, Lower Tampa Bay and surrounding water's, from Hudson to Anna Maria Island. Contact him at

Or at