Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing Anna Maria Island in Early October

I received a Question about Fishing Anna Maria, Island in early October. Here is the answer that I sent and thought it might be helpful to all.
Anna Maria, during that time frame the fish will still be biting along the beaches and should be fairly active primarily in the morning and evenings. The Snook will be in the process of moving back into the creeks for the warmer water but SINCE it is early October it will still be good for Snook right off the beach. There will also be flounder, Spanish Mackerel right off the shoreline. A small Shrimp on a #1 Hook will work great for the flounder and a # long shank hook or a "wire" leader hook with a flashy lure will work best for the Spanish Macks. The Snook you will need a little heavier line but casting at about a 45 degree angle to the shore and bouncing a 1/8 - 1/2 oz jig head with a White or Brown DOA Shrimp or GULP shrimp on it will be your best bet.

If you prefer top water or swim lures look to the Mirro-dene Green color or a Small Top Dog or Zara Spook in the chartreuse color.

As you fish, if you are using live bait you can let it sit on the bottom with a couple of SMALL SPLIT SHOT WEIGHTS, BUT if you want to cover more ground walk the beach and cast at a 45 degree angle as you walk then on your way back do the same you you will criss cross the area and fish that are roaming along the beach will be your likely target.

Hope this helps,
Tight lines, Trevor

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Excellent SNOOK

Ms. Maryann Schaefer, caught this beautiful SNOOK and to make things better it was the first one she has ever caught. Congrats and thanks for the Picture.
Maryann Said thanks to Capt. Jay Schroeder for the catch.
Tightlines Maryann and hope to see more like this.