Monday, October 17, 2005

Mangroves Biting

Sunday Morning, Mangrove Snapper Fishing near St. Pete Pier. On the Water by 6:00am, still dark, cool, and calm waters and the Snapper was biting. We headed straight to the submerged piles that we knew would hold fish and after we anchored and dropped the first bait in the water we knew that our fish finder wasn't lying when we started marking fish all over the structure. I immediately landed a Pretty, but Small Gag Grouper and then we started landing Snappers. 13-14 inchers and after a few Larger ones broke off we knew we were on the right spot. approximately 5 other boats were near us but none were bringing in fish that we could see and we knew we had arrived before everyone and picked out the right spot. About 2 hours of some good fishing the bite stopped and we moved around to see if there was anything else biting with no luck. All and all a good day of fishing and we got back in time to see the Bucs Finish off the Dolphins. Tight Lines

Friday, October 14, 2005

Double Branch Is HOT!!

On the water by 6:00pm the tide was super low but the fish were moving and hitting everything thrown at them. The top water was excellent and at our first stop we had plenty of topwater slaps from small Reds then we hooked into a nice sized Snook but decided there were bigger to be had. The next stop about two inches from shore gave us another good snook and our next stop produced some good keeper Trout on top water. As darkness set in we started hitting the Jacks Feeding frenzy that almost had the fish jumping in the boat to escape the Jacks. All in all a Great Night of fishing and some real good pole bending.