Saturday, May 28, 2011


The Florida Wildlife Commission has announced Free Fishing Weekends for Mid June. The license-free weekend of June 4 and 5 is the first weekend red snapper season opens in the Gulf, and the second weekend of June 18 and 19 is Father's Day weekend. Each of these weekends will be LICENSE not required to FISH in Florida Waters. Take advantage of this FREE weekend and take a friend fishing and show them a good time Fishing in Florida. The FREE Fishing without a license is for anyone in Florida, Residents, Vacationers and anyone else in Florida during these times.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Capt JP of Hardcore Fishing Charters Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Tampa Bay is going off right now!!!! Even with this cold front that came through here on Monday the fish are still feeding like crazy. It really doesn’t matter what you are fishing for right now….you are probably going to hook up..

Lets start with the Trout and Mackeral. Find a grass flat with potholes in about 4-7 feet of water and try using a artificial shrimp under a popping cork. I like to put some type of scented fish attractant to help turn the bite on but you will catch fish either way. You can always use live shrimp or greenbacks (white bait) to up your percentages. Fort Desoto is a great place to wade fish if you don’t have a boat. For the boaters Pinellas Point and Fort Desoto are great choices and you will probably catch a few redfish and snook there too. As the water heats up try and fish around the early morning and late evening times. Always take a good look at a tide chart before you head out. Moving water is the most important thing to look for.

The Tarpon are here and they are chewing!!! Right now your best bet will be to use big thread fins near and around the skyway bridge. Fish the shadow lines and be ready. I like to free line one rod out the back and put one on the bottom with a 4 oz weight because you never know when and where the bite will come from. I also recommend continually chumming the water. The more you chum the more chances you will have to hook up with the KING… I use 60lb liter with 50lb power pro and I always use a 5.0 circle hook. Buy the good thick hooks because they can bend your hook!! With these big hill tides coming over the next month its always a safe bet to go out and drift the Egmont Channel. Take your time and watch what the other boats are doing and always keep an eye out of another boat with a fish on….He always has the right of way

Good luck out there and if you have any questions feel free to email me from my website

Capt JP

Hardcore Fishing Charter