Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oil Free Guarantee Graphic
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If you see this Graphic on a Web Site and it is offering a Service to you and you are headed down to Florida this is YOUR guarantee that your trip to Florida will not be affected by Oil from the BP Disaster. All of our businesses along the coast are being affected and MOST of them have no Oil even near their shores. SO if you are planning a Trip to Florida in the near future feel free to find one of these Businesses and Guarantee your trip. You can't beat this deal and it gives you a way to ensure you'll enjoy your vacation OIL FREE.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trout non-stop action

If your looking for a good bite and a lot of fishing action, the trout are on fire across the grass flats in about 4 ft of water. I had excellent luck all weekend long on the grass flats near Sunset park and Howard Park in St. Joseph Sound (28.1428, -82.80250). Top water was the exciting bite. Bagleys Jumping Finger Mullet was the bait to use I used Silver and it worked great and I used a Chartruese and white. The best action was when I threw it out as far as I could get it and then Jerk it real hard so the lure practically flew about 1-2ft skipping back across the water. The Trout were so excited they were literally shooting up out of the water chasing the lure as soon as it sat for about a second or two. This action went on from about 8am until, I left about 10:30am and did not stop. I didn't see any Tarpon and no other fish were biting it seemed. I did however see a Red just cruising near the Mangroves across sandy bottom however no bites from the,

Friday, June 25, 2010

FULL Moon Weekend - Tarpon Trout and Pompano

Depending on what your fishing for you are in luck this weekend since it is a full moon weekend there will be a lot of fish wanting to eat. Tarpon on all the Bay Bridges, and on the outside beaches from Egmont to Anclote. Trout on the Flats, Redfish up in the mangroves on High Tide, Snook on the Beaches, Snapper in the Shipping channels and deeper bridge cuts, Pompano along Howard Franklin and Gandy bridges. IF thats not enough then the Shark Fishing should be good as well. I myself will be trying along the Anclote Key beaches and the Honeymoon beaches for Tarpon. Hopefully I can find em and cast to em and we should be able to hook up. Remember the Early mornings and evenings are going to be your best bites BUT the fishing has been outstanding lately and even the heat is keeping the fish from biting.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trout on the flats

I think I've said this enough over the past two weeks but it is worth saying again. If you think you want to fish and catch some good sized Trout or just want to make sure you catch something the Trout are biting everywhere across the grass flats off Howard Park and Anclote Key. There are also spanish mackerel in with them and a Pin fish on a free line or under about a 3ft cork could bring in a Shark or two.  I was able to take my sister out Trout fishing accross the Flats and this is just one of the many trout we landed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Howard Park - Trout and some Tarpon

Hit the water by 7am the tide was outgoing and it seemed like a good morning. However we weren't able to see any Tarpon rolling early. So we threw some topwater plugs and had a few nice strikes but they were random and nothing consistent. We did spot a few small pods of tarpon but they weren't that active and throughout the day we saw only about 3 pods that were too far away and by the time we moved in their direction they were gone. The Trout bite was hot though and is the goto fish in the early morning and throughout the day on jigs and underwater plugs in the 5-8ft water. anything shallower and the bite shuts down. Yesterday's favorite color was a light natural gulp swim bait. We left the water by about 11am and headed back.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Sunday Morning was a good day to be on the water. The Sun had just come up and put the Kayaks in off the Howard Park causewau around 7am. Started off by drifting accross the flats and getting multiple strikes and hookups on topwater plugs. About 6 good sized keeper trout and 2 nice sized Spanish Mackerel.  The excitement of the day was the Tarpon Rolling in pods all around me. It seemed they were small pods of about 5-8 fish BUT once I was able to get close enough I found that the 5-8 I saw were part of about a 50+ fish POD. and it wasn't the only pod seen. At the same time all across the flats and some of the 4-7 ft water. Watched a rental pontoon boat fishign for trout Hook up with about a 120lber he showed them his head and shook it to throw the hook. Of cours they were pretty excited especially the girls on the boat. Hoepfully it will be the same this coming Friday since I will be able to get back out there right before the weekend to try and hook up with them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fishing Phillippe Park - Sunset or Early moring is the best

The Heat is just crazy hot. The water however is just a tad cooler and to wade fish at Phillippe Park is just a nice relaxing time. The Reds are few due to the hot water but a live white bait under a cork or a Shrimp under a cork may entice the one or two that are roaming the area. From High Tide to outgoing tide is the best. Low tide can be TOO shallow and you have to wade a long time to find 3 ft. water.  Early morning and Evening are still the best bets.
    The GULF Beaches and Fishing are probably your best bet BUT your still going to want to hit them early or late in the day.  Also if your wanting to find fish this time of Year a Charter may help you with some tips and Tricks so IF your vacationing or just want to learn a little bit more about fishing this time of year you may want to think about getting a Charter. ALSO it's almost fathers day so a Charter would be a Great Gift.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Tampa and the waters surrounding Tampa are excellent. There is no SIGN of Oil anywhere near shore and the if your planning on visiting there is not a better time than now. It's warm, sunny and the beaches are just as beautiful as ever.
     Also the Fishing is fantastic right now. The heat has forced the fish to Morning and evening bites HOWEVER there are some bites going on mid day when drifting flats and jigging for trout and Spanish Macks. The gulf Grouper bite is good as well and there have been an above average number of Red Snapper being reported on some of the deeper wrecks in 50+ft of water. This means going out about 25 miles or so. SO with that distance we should see Oil if there was any and there have been NO REPORTS YET of oil that close. Hopefully we don't see that in the near future BUT we will definetly let people know if we do.

Fish Recipe - Snapper, Redfish, Snook

Actually this will work with any White firm fleshed fish.

Grilled Coated Fish

3 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning

1 lemon

4-5 fillets or pieces (1 1/4 pounds) firm-fleshed white fish (Snapper, Snook, RedFish)

1. Place fish into a large Ziplock bag.
2. Sprinkle Olive Oil and Old Bay Seasoning on the fish. Shake to Mix.
3. Slice Lemons then remove the individual lemon hearts (lemon supremes). Place into bag with the fish.
4. Let marinate in bag in a refrigerator or on ice for about 20-30 minutes.
5. Heat gas grill on medium or charcoal grill until coals are ash white. Place Cast Iron Skillet on rack to heat.

6. Pour entire mixture including Fish on Skillet and turn constantly until done about 3-4 minutes on each side.
Depending on size of fish serves 2-3 people

Friday, June 04, 2010


(Superimposed Image, Pink is predicted path the OIL has covered. The dark is where it WILL be on the date)
So far we are lucky but it seems like it is just a matter of time until we will see these two headlines on our morning news papers. Until then please get out and see why we are all complaining. The Beaches are beautiful and the Fishing is very good right now. A little Hot during the Day but the mornings and evenings are providing an Excellent bite. Here is a the University Of South Florida - College of Marine Science Web site. they have some good prediction models and it looks pretty much like a lot of us have expected. It's Coming. Just a matter of when. Here is an Image I pulled from there and Super imposed the Google Maps landscape on it and laid a distance measure on the closest Oil. HOPEFULLY the oil they are saying that is headed our direction is small BUT the Surface Oil may just be the tip of the Iceburg, Literally. Remember Fisherman Speak with your wallet when your filling your boat tank and Truck. - Boycott BP.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

HOW YOU CAN HELP - Oil Spill Phone Numbers

One thing is certain BP obviously does not know what they are doing. BUT the NOAA has put out numbers for people to report problems and even how they can volunteer. Here is the list fromt he NOAA Web Site.

  • To report oil on land, or for general community information, please phone 866.448.5816.
  • To report oiled or injured wildlife, please phone 866.557.1401.
  • To learn about volunteer opportunities in all areas and what training is required, please phone 866.448.5816.
  • To discuss spill related damage claims, please phone 800.440.0858.
  • BP is asking fishermen for their assistance in cleaning up the oil spill. BP is calling this the Vessel of Opportunities Program and through it, BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. To learn more about the Vessel of Opportunity Program, fishermen should phone 281.366.5511.
Some of the latest images on NOAA show areas of Oil off the west coast of Florida and the winds moving them towards shore.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recreational Fisherman and Commercial Fisherman - BOYCOTT BP

Oil Spill about 120 Miles off the Tampa Beaches.
We have a Choice when we put that $200 in boat gas; make it count towards something. This Oil will hit us and if it is still pumping out like it is for the next 2 months until they can get a second well drilled that is just POOR Planning on their part because they wanted the PROFIT. Fisherman all around Florida Should not be filling their Trucks or Boats at any BP gas station, that would be like us saying we approve of their handling of this Oil spill.