Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fishing Tampa Bay

The fishing overall has been fantastic in the bay and on the grass flats around Tampa Bay. I personally have been fishing the flats near St. Joseph Sound whenever I am able to get away from Work, Which lately hasn't been too often. However the reports I have gotten from my buddies have been that the fishing is great. The trout seem to be hitting everything you throw at them. The trick is finding the right depth to fish. I found on one of my last trips that the watre between 5-7 feet has been the most productive. Also I found on trip two weekends ago that there is everything out there biting. In just about 2 hrs of fishing My last trip we caught 18 Trout, 2 Small Grouper, 2 Small Black Sea Bass, a Spanish mackerel, a Remora, and numerous grunts. All while drifting the flats in about 5-7 foot of water.