Monday, September 17, 2007


We hit the water by about 6:30pm we headed out of Bay Pines ramp and hit the tripod marker out of John's Pass for some good sized Pin Fish. After about 15 minutes we had a baitwell full and we headed out to our first stop in about 44 ft. of water about 20 miles offshore. The bite was ok and we pulled in a few large Mangos. But the short Red grouper were relentless and we decided to move out to our primary spot. another 25 miles out and about 120ft and the bottom really had hardly any structure but we were marking fish. So we thought lets give it a try. It was on then non-stop from the time we anchored until we left about 3:30am. Hardly no moon and calm seas gave us a good bite that produced 1 keeper Red Grouper and between the 4 of us 31 Keeper Mangos. We made it back around the time the sun was coming up and then it was time to hit the bed until the first college football games came on. All in all a good night of Snapper fishing.

Trout At Dunedin

We hit the water by about 6:00am and headed right under the bridges to the smaller spoil islands on either side of the islands are nice grass flats that seem to be holding trout and lots of em. We used a lot of topwater for the early strike. We caught probably 15-20 trout in about a 2 hour period all under sized but fun to land. After the sun was up and it started warming a little we moved to gulp shrimp to keep them interested. For the most part all fish were around 12-15 inches and it doesn't seem the larger fish have moved in yet.